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2022 Flower Show Exhibit Entries Free At Williams County Fair

The 2022 Williams County Fair hosts two Flower Shows Judging’s, September 10th and 15th. Entries are free and open to anyone who wishes to exhibit.

The show entries can set up on Friday, September 9th from 6 p.m. till 8 p.m. The second show entries can set up on Tuesday, September 13 from 6 p.m. till 8 p.m.

Participants also can bring in entries from 8-10 a.m. on the day of judging. Participants will need to be prepared to complete their own exhibitor tags to enter. All rules can be obtained from the Agricultural Society at

Floriculture exhibits include Roses, Asters, Begonia, Caladium, Calendula, Celosia, Chrysanthemums, Cleome, Coleus, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Dahlia, Echinacea, Gaillardia, Gladiolus, Herbs, Hosta, Marigold, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Sedum, Snapdragon, Sunflower, Vinca, Zinnia and Other Specimens not listed.

These specimen flowers will be judged on Form (perfection of form for type of flower), Color (clear, rich, luminous), Substance (firm, crisp petals), Stem and Foliage (clean, healthy, strong, straight) and Size (large blooms for type and variety).

Potted plants of Violets, Foliage, Flowering, Cactus or Succulents will also be on display. These potted plants are judged on Flowers (quality and quantity), Form and Symmetry, Health and Vigor, Size of plant for variety, Grooming and Correct Labeling of Plant.

Youth ages six through sixteen are encouraged to participate. Floriculture Exhibits include Cosmos, Marigold, Zinnia and other specimens not listed.  A foliage or flowering plant of any variety in a 6”-8” pot may also be exhibited.

How to Exhibit Flowers

Harvest the specimens early in the morning or late at night the day before the show. Using a sharp knife cut the stem long with several leaves. Cut stems at a slant, so more absorption surface is in the water. Specimen can be cut down later.

Place directly in warm water. Store overnight in a dark cool space. The specimen and foliage should be disease and insect damage free. Roses are best to be cut the morning of the show.

Before The Show

“Groom” the specimen before placing on the table. This means clean the flower, foliage and stem and remove any dead leaves and spray residue. Use a damp soft cloth and/or a cotton swab.

When one bloom is required, “disbud” by cleanly removing small side buds, leave the foliage attached. If the exhibit is to be “disbudded,” which means removing the side shoots or small buds, do it carefully so you do not leave a cut or tear along the stem.

Unattached foliage is never included with a cut specimen. (An exception is a class of one begonia bloom and 2 detached leaves floating in water.)

Specimens are displayed in clean (inside and out) clear glass containers provided by the Show Committee. “Clear” is so the judge can see the stem and any foliage inside the bottle, be sure to put water in the bottle, but do not put the foliage in the water.

Cut the specimen stem so its length is in good proportion to the size of the bloom head. Depending on the variety, a Hosta leaf may have a fine powdery covering called “bloom”. This is not removed and is not to be confused with a flower bloom or inflorescence.

If the specimen has a size specification, for example Zinnia 1-3.5” bloom, measure the diameter across the top of the flower to determine size. Be aware, if the specimen was cut the morning of the show, it can change size as it takes up water.

Small Marigolds and Chrysanthemums are shown as a Spray Form. It should not be disbudded, and foliage attached. A great specimen shows the three stages of flowering. Refrain from exhibiting the entire plant.

The theme “My Country Home” will be on display through the Artistic Designs. Saturday, Sept. 10th Classes are: “Firefly Night” Luminary Design; “Let’s Get Cooking” a Foliage Design, Using a Kitchen Item; “Sugar & Spice” a Small Design, Using Spice Container; “Teatime” a Creative Design, Using a Tea Pot; “Open Road”, Using Roadside Material, Fresh and/or Dried; and “Stepping Out” a Decorated Shoe, Dried Materials.

Wednesday, September 14th classes include: “Tranquility” an Ikebana Design; “Farmers Market” a Traditional Design, using Fruits and/or Vegetables; “Sunday Dinner” an  Exhibition 2 Table Design; “Country Trail” a Fantasy Flow Design; “Country Kitchen” a Satellitic Design  and “Creek Crossing” an Underwater Design.

Artistic Designs for youth 6-12 and 13-16 years of age is “Barefootin” a dried design in a shoe.

Entries are free, however, the exhibitor is responsible for all gate fees. No premium will be awarded this year.


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