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84 Of 88 Counties Reach Poll Worker Recruitment Minimum Ahead Of November 8 Election

COLUMBUS – With less than one week to go before the November 8 general election, Ohio’s Poll Worker Tracker shows 40,374 Ohioans have signed up to serve as a poll worker, exceeding the statewide goal by 13 percent. The goal number of poll workers needed statewide is 35,653.

In order to ensure an adequate number of poll workers are trained and available in case of unforeseen challenges, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has set a goal of 115% of the minimum number of poll workers necessary to execute a successful election on November 8.

While the overall statewide goal has been surpassed, not all counties have yet met their designated goal.

As of this week, 62 counties have met their goal number, seven more than last week.

Most of the remaining counties are fewer than 20 poll workers short of reaching their goal.

While four counties have not yet met their minimum, the margins are negligible and there are no concerns about all polling locations being fully staffed.

The county breakdown can be seen on Ohio’s Poll Worker Tracker. The tracker, which was started in 2020 by Secretary LaRose, continues to give Ohioans, counties, and partner organizations clear goals and attainment updates for poll worker recruitment for the November 8 general election.

Each election, thousands of Ohioans dedicate themselves to sustaining the backbone of democracy — our election process.

Poll workers help ensure that our elections are fair, and in doing so, maintain the traditions of our past and our hopes for the future.

Serving as a poll worker does more than just allowing these civic-minded Ohioans to help their neighbors at more than 3,000 polling locations across the state, it also creates an army of truth-tellers who are equipped to counter false information about the integrity of our elections.

In an effort to continue providing voters with unprecedented levels of transparency, Secretary LaRose will continue to deliver Ohioans with weekly poll worker updates as reported by the 88 county boards of elections.

Sharing the data also allows Ohio counties to be held accountable as the November election approaches.

Poll Worker Recruitment by the Numbers:

  • Minimum Poll Workers Required: 30,996
  • Goal for Committed and Trained Poll Workers: 35,653
  • Current Number of Committed Poll Workers: 40,374
  • Number of Counties Which Have Met Their Minimum: 84

Number of Counties Which Have Met Their Goal: 62


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