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BLAKESLEE VILLAGE COUNCIL: Council Approves Police Levy For General Election

By: Daniel Cooley

The Blakeslee Village Council meeting, held on July 6, began with roll call. Council members in attendance were Robert Mohre, Rosemary Alexander, Cletus Radabaugh, Shelly Cox and Nick Reed.

In the first order of business, council approved of the meeting minutes from the previous June 8 meeting.

Next, council approved of the financial statement that was presented by Fiscal Officer Courtny Osborn, from the month of June. Receipts were $2,271.79 and payments were $1,232.02.

Council then approved Resolution 3-23. This was a Resolution of necessity, for the renewal of a 5 mill police levy for the general election.

This Resolution had to be passed a second time, as the first one in June that was passed, was not correct, for the auditor’s certificate.

Next, Osborn stated that she will be sending out a delinquent garbage notice to Tammy Mohre, because the garbage bill payment has not been received.

Mohre then asked if the village resident who had the alleged vulgar political sign, had been approached about taking down the sign.

Mohre was told that because of free speech, the resident had not been approached and is allowed to post the sign.

Radabaugh then asked when the fox would be removed from the village. Reynolds stated that when the fox and kits are old enough, the game warden will be contacted.

Radabaugh also wanted to make sure that the village is informed of all grants and grant meetings in the county and that Reynolds is attending the county mayors’ meetings. Radabaugh was informed that Reynolds has been in attendance.

It was then decided that the next Blakeslee council meeting will be held on August 3, at 6 p.m.

With no other business, the council meeting was then adjourned.

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