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Bryan City Council Hears Request To Promote Law Enforcement Support Signs

By: Rebecca Miller

Meeting via Zoom for the November 16, 2020 Bryan City Council, the minutes of the November 2 meeting were approved, as well as the Clerk Treasurer’s report.  An Army Veteran from Edgerton, who said he prefers to remain anonymous, addressed the council, as he was seated in the Council room with Mayor Carrie Schlade.

He informed council that he has been visiting various Police Departments in Indiana and Ohio and Bryan Police Chief had invited him to speak to the council. “Your police department and the Williams County Sheriff’s Department serves your city and county to protect your lives and your families, also residential and business property. My son in law Brian is a police officer in Painesville, Ohio for over 18 years.

About a year ago he received a special commendation for saving a woman’s life. My wife prays for alot of police officers daily. The owner of Signs 24/7 is Mike Worthington. He has a machine that makes 10 yard signs at a time. He will do these at his cost, $10 each, normally that size sign is $16. He appreciates his police and sheriff’s departments. The steel frame goes with it. I am not asking you to purchase these for the residents in your city and county but just for advertising and promotion for this project. Perhaps one of these signs could be put outside the city and county buildings so people could see them.”

He gave a few more ideas and thanked them for letting him share it with them. He said he wants the credit to go to the council and the mayor. He desires to remain anonymous and not receive any recognition.  The mayor held the sign up so the council members on Zoom could see it. I support Williams County Sheriff’s Department, I support My Bryan Police Department is what it said.  Council President John Betts said they will look into the legalities of it and thanked him for coming.

An ordinance 52 -2020 authorizing the Clerk Treasurer to issue change order #2 for the project known as Don North Municipal Building North Vestibule Addition, was approved by council with the suspension of rules.  Also passed was Ordinance 53 – 2020 providing for annual appropriations for the City of Bryan, for the Fiscal year ending November 30, 2020 and declaring an emergency; Ordinance 54 – 2020 Ordinance providing for the Transfer of Funds for the City of Bryan for the month ending November 30, 2020, and Resolution 38 – 2020  To urge Governor DeWine and the Ohio Legislature to extend the deadline for Operating Public meetings electronically.  (Rhonda Fisher addressed this, saying “We previously had an order for the governor allowing us to meet electronically but that only goes through December 1, 2020.”  She said that it is felt that this needs to be extended as they might need to have a virtual meeting and want it to be covered by the Sunshine laws.)

Permission to Post and advertise for the position of Police Captain for the City of Bryan Police Department was requested by Police Chief Chapa and approved by council.  Council Rick Hupe thanked the gentleman who came and spoke to them about the signs. He also encouraged everyone to mask up and be safe.  Judy Yahraus thanked someone for getting her wifi up and said to stay safe, wear the mask up over your nose and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Mary Leatherman recommended that people smile even with a mask because people can see it in your eyes and also wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Jim Kozumplik  thanked the visitor for his presentation and reiterated what the others said.

Mayor Schlade said that the sign for DORA is ready and informed that the commissioners approved them putting the signs to keep people from going on the green of the courthouse lawn. The chamber is getting ready with cups and signage and they plan to do a few Zoom meetings with business owners before it starts on January 1.

She also asked the council members to please ask her any questions about the covid meetings and calls and information that she has been receiving.  She is hoping the Governor’s task force can work some things out.  She is hoping the businesses are able to remain open but if not that everyone will really do take out to keep the businesses going.

Betts shared some Kudos…all the voters for voting, all the poll workers who did such a great job, the BoE staff, the city employees and all they do to make Bryan a great place – “specifically tonight “Chief Siders, Chief Chapa and our City Attorney Rhonda Fisher.”

He quoted a 1970’s song about the Parking lot, with the line “You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone,” saying they are all great and keep up the good work and doing the right thing.  “Rhonda keeps the city legally compliant and covered as well as so many other things she does.” Between now and when the vaccine comes out, please be careful during this family holiday and don’t let your guard down.

Be careful while shopping and doing other things out and about.  And Be Kind!  Be civil and wear your mask. Businesses can be shut down for a 24 hour period if the management does not enforce mask wearing, so please do it.

The meeting adjourned at a little after 6 p.m.

Rebecca can be reached at

Source: The Village Reporter

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