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Bryan City Schools Orchestra Director Resigns Due To Criminal Charges In Georgia

By: Jacob Kessler

Bryan City Schools Orchestra Director Brandon Gordon has resigned from his position due to criminal charges brought against him out of Georgia.

According to a release from Bryan City Schools to district families and staff, the resignation took place on May 1st, along with Gordon being removed from the district property.

The school was “notified by Georgia law enforcement officials that criminal charges for the use of electronic telecommunication to entice and solicit minors had been issued for a BCS staff member.

The charges initiated from the State of Georgia and law enforcement from Georgia quickly notified Bryan City Schools and the Bryan City Schools Resource Officer.”

It also goes on to state that nationwide warrants have been issued for his arrest.

The rest of the statement is as follows. “Bryan City Schools officials have continued to work with local and state law enforcement agencies as the investigation continues to remain open.”

“For this reason, confidentiality and legal protocols have been followed.”

“Although the investigation is still ongoing, it is believed the inappropriate electronic telecommunications were not with local minors for this specific case.”

“However, as the investigation continues and information surfaces, we encourage anyone with knowledge of any potential related criminal activity to notify local law enforcement agencies or school personnel.”

“Internally, Bryan City Schools knows there are many questions and concerns related to this situation.”

“In all we do at BCS we value the safety of our students and are disheartened to learn of this extremely inappropriate activity.”

“Bryan City Schools does not condone these actions, therefore we appreciate law enforcement for their work to discover this activity and take action.”

“Over the course of the recent days the effort to keep the learning process as normal as possible for the Orchestra students, while allowing them the opportunity to prepare for upcoming concerts, has been a focus.”

“Plans are in place for their upcoming concerts, and regular daily classes, to remain scheduled as normal. We thank the many individuals who have stepped up to make this possible.”

“Further communication to those students and families will be sent in the near future.”

“Bryan City Schools thanks the many efforts of local, regional, and statewide law enforcement agencies and personnel.”

“BCS will have guidance staff, and law enforcement officials, ready to meet with any student if the need arises.”

“Due to the investigation remaining open there may be certain aspects of the case that must remain confidential.”

“Together we can help our youth to learn from situations like this and we encourage guardians to take the opportunity to educate your student(s) about the potential dangers of electronic communication and devices.”

“If further information needs to be shared BCS officials will be sure to communicate the updates.”

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