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Bryan Municipal Utilities Set To Upgrade Meters

In efforts that date back to 2009, BMU is finally set to start replacing utility meters in the City of Bryan. Meter replacement will begin the week of April 18, 2022 and continue into 2023.

These new advanced meters will allow for the reading and transmitting of electric and water usage automatically, a process that will be cost effective for the Utility, as well as offer enhanced services for the customer once the system is fully operational.

BMU has been notifying residential customers over the last several weeks and sharing commonly asked questions pertaining to the meter replacement process.

For customers that have additional questions regarding special circumstances or medical conditions that require uninterrupted service, more information can be obtained by visiting our website: or calling our office at 419-633-6100.

Electric meters are expected to be the first to be replaced starting the week of April 18th, with new water meters due to be installed later this summer. In all, the process should be completed in 2023.

Residential customers will be notified following the installation of their new electric or water meter with a door tag indicating such.

As electric meters are replaced, customers may need to reset clocks and other electronic devices due to the brief outage from the meter change out. For water meters, customers may need to run their faucets for a few minutes to remove any air from the water lines.

After each meter has been replaced customers may see two different meter readings on their utility bill, one from the old meter and one from the new meter, these will combine to provide your monthly usage.

“We have been working towards this project for many years,” said Nathan Gardner, Director of Utilities. “I am excited to start this process of finally replacing our aging meters and being able to better serve our customers.”

“This is a big step for our community and it allows us to improve efficiencies, reliability, and enhances our customer service.”


Source: The Village Reporter

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