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CCNO Board Members Hear The Latest Pandemic Issues Facing The Jail

STRYKER – The Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio focused their latest meeting on pandemic-related issues. The jail’s fiscal manager, Tonya Justus, reported high numbers of overtime hours which required a budget line transfer. Staffing shortages coupled with COVID-19 time off were explained to be the main reasons for the needed hours.

“It’s helpful that CCNO has a history of being financially responsible,” commented Dennis Sullivan, Executive Director. “We’ve been able to keep a low per diem for the past several years, and we’re managing the budget so that we’re still stable and viable, even despite the pandemic.”

Director Sullivan also shared that Governor DeWine authorized the use of the Ohio National Guard in jail facilities because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Neither the board members nor the director seemed interested in using the option currently, but all believed it was prudent to become informed on how the process worked if the COVID situation at the jail worsened and it became necessary in order to safely operate.

Presently, the jail has four units in quarantine, which equals 148 inmates. There are nine inmates in isolation and two staff members that have tested positive.  Director Sullivan also shared that there are 13 inmates awaiting quarantine in order to be sent to prison. The jail has yet to be given relief from the state on quarantine requirements as has been discussed in prior meetings.

Some positive information was shared from jail officials later in the meeting. The jail held their annual Christmas Raffle, with safety precautions, and was able to raise $3,110 for the Fulton County Humane Society. The charity was chosen to honor the late CCNO employee Katie Crist who passed away suddenly in January of this year.

Jeremy Robinson of Williams County was named the October team member of the month. Robinson, through the search process, found illegal drugs on a new book-in inmate. The inmate was charged with felony conveyance.

The November team member was Tina Weaver, also of Williams County. Ms. Weaver is a 25-year employee of the jail and works as a Classification Officer. The director explained that her job has become very difficult due to the COVID situation and all of the additional considerations that must be reviewed when getting inmates housed within the facility. He added the jail is thankful to have her years of experience in that position.


Source: The Village Reporter

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