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CCNO Temporarily Suspends Accepting Inmates Due To COVID-19

An emergency meeting of the CCNO Executive Committee was held at 9:30am yesterday. The Executive Committee is empowered to make decisions and take action as agent for and on behalf of the entire Commission in an emergency situation.

The Executive Committee voted to accept Executive Director Dennis Sullivan’s recommendation to temporarily suspend accepting inmates at CCNO. However, Sheriffs and Judges still maintain the ability to incarcerate individuals who they feel present a risk to the public or themselves.

This decision is to create the availability to have bed space to cohort; the symptomatic with symptomatic and asymptomatic with asymptomatic. This is in conjunction with the recommendations of the Williams County Health Department. In addition, CCNO is prohibited from transferring inmates to ODRC facilities which limits the ability to reduce the inmate population.

It also emphasizes the commitment and concern for the safety and wellbeing of staff and inmates by the CCNO Board and Management Staff. Just as the entire country has done, slowing the spread of COVID-19 is in everyone’s best interest.


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