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Column: HOLISTIC WHOLESOME LIVING – Spirituality Protects Teenagers

By: Cheryl L. Garza
Bryan, Ohio

It is widely acknowledged that teenagers who have a clear belief system and participate in organized or personal spiritual activities are much less likely to go off the rails during adolescence.

Most churches and religious organizations have clear beliefs and values that are shared by a majority of members.

Teens who belong to faith communities are more likely to have peers and adults in their lives who encourage and model behaviors that are consistent with their stated religious beliefs.

In a US survey involving 9,000 nine-year-old students, it was found that belief in moral values, religion and spirituality were factors that helped to prevent self-destructive and antisocial behavior amongst young people.

Other studies demonstrate strong links between negative activities and higher levels of personal resilience, improved academic outcomes, and more active involvement in charitable and community work.

Encouraging teens to seek more. Just because spirituality is shown to be beneficial for young people, doesn’t mean we can just go out and make young people be spiritual.

Spiritual belief is a very personal thing. Adults can’t make a young person have faith in God or pursue genuine spiritual discipline, even though some try.

Adults can however have a significant influence on how willing a teenager is to pursue and explore the bigger questions of life. Parents who openly express and practice some form of spiritual commitment expose and model to their children a lifestyle that has a focus beyond the material.

This does not mean that children automatically adopt their parents’ faith, but it does provide a context for them to engage with the issues.

Teenagers are heavily influenced by parental approval. Parents who ridicule or talk down their child’s religious commitment or quest to find answers to the big questions are as significant discouragement to young people.

The opposite applies, however, when parents affirm and accept their teens desire to find a bigger meaning in life, they provide a much more secure environment for the adolescent to explore and discover their spiritual identity.

This knowledge of approval and sense of safety reduces teenage risk-taking behavior and encourages a more positive and genuine approach to identity formation.

The difficulty comes for parents when their children become teenagers and start to express an opinion or desire about spirituality that differs from their own.

It can be challenging to know how to re-negotiate the expectations that parents have of children and allow them to take responsibility for themselves as young adults.

Simple Spiritual Practices: Breathwork, Meditation Even Quiet Time –sitting in silence, Getting in Nature, Yoga, Dance, Writing, Find what lights your inner-self..   Please understand when I share and write this valuable information I am learning, growing, and expanding my own awakening, light and knowledge to expand within. I pray that for all you as well. Be kind to OUR TEENS OUR YOUNG PEOPLE. Hug Them More, More Smiles, More Patience, Compliments of all sizes and MOSTLY Healthy, Unjudgmental Loving Conversations.  They are our future Adults…


Cheryl L Garza A Lady With Alot Of Zeal and yearning to empower, guide, encourage and share all HOLISTIC Wholesome Living with youth-adults. Highly educated, extremely passionate, determined and driven with no doubts… I choose to make the rest of my life the BEST of my Life, I wish that for all as well… Sharing Love & Kindness… 567-239-1960


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