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By: Cheryl L. Garza

What brings you joy? Even the smallest of things and moments can be very meaningful… Write on it.. A journal can be a trusted companion that helps you reflect on your thoughts, feelings, actions, and decisions.

Journaling offers an array of benefits such as processing emotions, lifting one’s spirits, working through fear or sadness, even decision making.

Journalling allows us to explore our own mind, reflect and discover things about ourselves we may not have known.

It all sounds nice and well, but science is also on our side with this act of LOVE which we call journaling. The purpose of journaling is to awaken conscious thinking, which is simply having an honest conversation with yourself.

There are several different types of journaling such as free-form, mindfulness, gratitude, dream and guided. The power of pen or pencil put on paper gives our thoughts some sacred place to go.

The idea is that by keeping a log of the people, places, and things that you have in your life, you train your mind, body, and spirit (whole-some self) to look out for these positives instead of dwelling on the negative…. It offers the ability to make us feel safe, warm, and clear- headed.

At any age or skill set its greatly enjoyable offering cognitive longevity benefits. With so many types of journaling choosing one that ignites your INNER JOY is the best!

Cheers to you! Hip Hip Hooray Start Journaling Today! Joy to you now and always..


Cheryl L Garza A Lady With Alot Of Zeal and yearning to empower, guide, encourage and share all HOLISTIC Wholesome Living with youth-adults. Highly educated, extremely passionate, determined and driven with no doubts… I choose to make the rest of my life the BEST of my Life, I wish that for all as well… Sharing Love & Kindness… 🙂 XO


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