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Column: NOURISHING YOUR MIND, BODY & SPIRIT – The Power Is Within You

By: Cheryl Garza
Bryan, Ohio

The same power that runs the universe is within you–well if you awaken to it. There is a Powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.

There is an incredible power and intelligence within you that is constantly responding to your thoughts and words.

As you learn to control your mind by the conscious choice of thoughts, you align yourself with this power. Do not think that your mind is in control. You are in control of your mind. You can stop thinking those old thoughts.

When your old thinking tries to come back and say, “It’s so hard to change.” Take mental control. Say to your mind, “I NOW choose to believe it is becoming easier for me to make changes.”

Keep your thoughts focused. Stay open, present to the current moment. Going within and tapping your inner power that already knows what’s best for us.

Letting go of stuck past beliefs and patterns that no longer serve. Making time as soon as you awaken or sleep at night. In this relaxed, comfortable position, say to yourself, I AM willing to let go. I release all tension. I release all fear. I release all anger. I release all guilt. I release all guilt. I release all sadness.

I LET GO of all old limitations. I LET GO and I AM at peace. I am at peace with myself. I am at peace with the PROCESS OF LIFE. In the present moment, we live, breathe, and have been in spirit.

Whatever you use to call higher power. When we live in the present we have no regrets about the past. We can bless the past and have no desire to relive it.

This is where the true power lies within all of us, the NOW the present moment. My thoughts and attitudes in the now help prepare me for a positive future.

My ability to deal with what’s ahead of me is determined by how I use today’s opportunities. As you HONOR and follow the guidance of your heart things awaken inside of you including your highest guide.

Bless it and cherish it. It’s time to destroy the voice inside that says, “I can’t, I dent’ have time, I’m not worthy or good enough!”

ONE DAY COULD and does change your whole life.  We all are somebody very special, unique in our own ways, DIVINE LOVE & POWER LIES WITHIN.

Resourceful Books and Videos: Louise Hay, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton. So many more… As always, find ways to live a higher more abundant life!

ALSO, Holistic Wholesome Living, Seeking Everyone & Anyone Who Offers Products, Services, Education, Consultants, Etc. I am putting together a COMMUNITY RESOURCE GUIDE. Power & Strength in Unity & Connection. Please contact me if interested.


Cheryl L Garza A Lady With Alot Of Zeal and yearning to empower, guide, encourage and share all HOLISTIC Wholesome Living with youth-adults. Highly educated, extremely passionate, determined and driven with no doubts… I choose to make the rest of my life the BEST of my Life, I wish that for all as well… Sharing Love & Kindness… 567-239-1960


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