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Column: Two Minute Drill – Be A Superhero

By: Rex Stump

I have to admit that I enjoy a good superhero action movie, especially when I can discover a scene that inspires me spiritually.

In the movie, “Captain America: The First Avenger” hero Steve Rogers find himself transformed from a 90-pound weakling into a buff fighting machine, ready to take on the Nazi regime.

Unfortunately, after the transformation takes place, Captain America is doing side shows raising money to buy bonds to support the war, instead of fighting on the front lines.

Sitting alone overseas in a tent, frustrated and unsatisfied, he sarcastically tells Peggy Carter that at least he is doing something.

She replies, “And these are your only two options? A lab rat or a dancing monkey? You were meant for more than this you know.”

In that short scene I am reminded that there are many who feel frustrated and limited in what they do.  Perhaps you believe that what you do doesn’t matter.

In these moments it’s easy to become frustrated, lose focus, and come to a conclusion that there are limited answers to our problems. Sometimes we think it’s too late to change our lives.

Perhaps we have concluded that “This is the way life is going to be, so why try?”  But what if we are wrong?

What if Jesus were to stand before you and say, “Are these your only options?  You were meant for more than this you know!”

The disciple Peter tried walking on water and failed.  Around that same time Jesus said to feed 5,000 people, but Peter (along with the other disciples) didn’t believe they could do it.

If you were to ask Peter if he was feeling successful as a disciple, he would reply with an astounding “NO!”

But soon after all this Jesus looks at Peter and says, “Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means ‘rock’), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.” In other words, Peter you are no failure…you are meant for more than this.

I believe that God created us with a plan and a purpose! And when we surrender our life to the God of this universe, through faith in Jesus Christ, God empowers us with His very Spirit!

We have the God of this universe dwelling within us, empowering us to live righteous lives.  Why settle for less than average living, defeated, weak, chaotic, and purposeless living? We were meant for more than this you know!

Captain America was infused with a new power and was a hero just waiting to happen. All he had to do was realize the transformation that took place was real and choose to engage that power for the purpose of saving lives.

The power of God’s Spirit is real too. Realize today that the spiritual transformation taking place in us is real!  Choose to engage God’s mighty power for the sake of saving lives!

Not for our glory, but God’s glory!  People all around us have been captured by the enemy (Satan) and are being held captive. It’s time for us to live with purpose and let God work through us!

For more reading, check out Jeremiah 29:11, I John 4:12-13, I John 4:4


Rex Stump is the Area Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and serves as a Pastor at True North Church in Wauseon, Ohio.


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