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Column: TWO MINUTE DRILL – Devotional Thought: Grab Your Mask!

By: Rex Stump


Prior to departing the runway, a stewardess will run through a list of safety precautions while flying on their aircraft. Emergency exits are pointed out, usage of the seat belts is explained, etc.

Another instruction deals with the loss of cabin pressure, in which oxygen masks will fall from compartments in the airplane’s ceiling.

In case of emergency, parents are instructed to first secure their own mask by placing the mask over their mouth and nose, pulling tight on the side straps, firmly securing the mask on their face, and then AND ONLY THEN, help place the mask dangling next to you on the face of your child.

At first, I’m thinking this is incredibly selfish. Take care of yourself first and then take care of your children? Yet, if you fail to place your mask on first, you may lose consciousness and be unable to help your children. Right?!

Can you imagine running around a plane, trying to help people put their mask on and in the process, you become at risk of death? You may be considered a hero in your efforts, but was that the right thing to do?

Spiritually, I have caught myself trying to do something similar. Because I’d like to think that I’m strong enough and spiritual enough, I will invest my time and efforts in trying to spiritually help everyone and their brother.

I will write devotional messages, deliver sermons, give speeches and motivating talks, and at the same time plan training sessions and camps. I want to “wow” the congregation, impress the coaches, and be loved by the athletes.

I want to be “everything” to everyone, in hopes that lives will be impacted for eternity. My vision (God’s purpose for me) may be solid – “impacting lives for eternity” – but my mission (how I do it) is flawed. In the end, I’m gasping for the love of my own family and those I minister to.

Like the airlines, I must first grasp hold of my spiritual mask and allow God’s Spirit to minister to me and transform me. Apart from Jesus, I’m nothing! Apart from Him, I can do nothing.

I must be connected to Him and allow His Spirit to fill me, change me, and empower me. Then, AND ONLY THEN, am I able to help others discover the incredible mercy and grace of our Loving and Holy God!

Here’s my observation in my life and others. Too many coaches are trying to coach on their own. Too many parents are trying to parent on their own. Too many leaders are trying to lead on their own.  We can’t do this on our own.

I encourage you to discover, what I’m discovering – I need God’s Spirit working in me! There is a difference between pride and wisdom.

Knowing you are detached from God and still believing you can do it all is pride. Confess your pride. Surrender to our Almighty God who desires to lead you, direct you, and fill you. That is wisdom.

I pray that today is a new day of seeking to be attached to the Almighty Vine, to be filled with God’s Spirit, and to seek Him first. May His Mighty and Victorious Spirit lift you up and revive you today.

For a deeper thought from God’s Word, read John 15Matthew 6:33, and Ephesians 5:15-18.




Rex Stump is the Area Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and serves as a Pastor at True North Church in Wauseon, Ohio.


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