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COVID-19: Fulton & Williams County Have Both Dropped To Low Incidence Level

By: Daniel Cooley

There is good news on the horizon because for the first time in several months, the entire state of Ohio is averaging below the 100 level per 100,000 for Covid cases for the past two weeks, at 70.4.

Just as exciting is the number of counties that are below that 100 level for the past two weeks, at 65. That’s just one county short of two-thirds of the counties.

The numbers mark a positive, sharp decline, because in the two previous weeks, there were just 31 counties that were below the 100 level for 100,000 people.

The numbers are also positive for both Williams and Fulton counties, who have dropped down to the low incidence level. Williams County, which stood at 29th place of the 88 Ohio counties at 92.7 per 100,000 people, had an actual number of Covid cases over the past two weeks, at 34.

“At this point, we are pleased,” said Victoria Smith, Williams County Director of Education and Emergency Preparedness.

“Our hospital capacity is in a very good position right now and the county is at the low incidence level for Covid cases, so that’s exciting.”

Fulton County, meanwhile, reached a number of 83 per 100,000 people, with an actual number of new Covid cases for the past two weeks, at 35..

“We are pleased, but right now, it’s about people being aware of what their risks are,” said Kim Cupp, Fulton County Director of Environmental Health.

“Even before Covid, certain people work masks, because they were highly susceptible to getting sick. We still want individuals to be vaccinated, because that lowers their chances of going to the hospital. Be up to date on your vaccines.”

In Williams County, since the start of Covid, there have been 159 deaths and 376 hospitalizations. Of the 8.977 Covid cases, roughly 3,900 males have been infected and 4,900 females have been infected.

In vaccine rates, 46.9% have had their first dose and 43.6% have completed all their vaccines.

In Fulton County, out of 10,294 Covid cases, there have been 175 deaths and 482 hospitalizations. In men and women infected rates, 5,603 women have been infected and 4,637 men have been infected.

A higher percentage of people have received their vaccines in Fulton County, as compared to Williams County. Here, 52.6% have received their first dose and 49.5% are fully vaccinated.

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Source: The Village Reporter

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