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DELTA VILLAGE COUNCIL: Administrator Fired, Councilor Quits In Contentious Meeting

SUDDEN TERMINATION … Former Delta Village Administrator Andy Glenn explains the decision-making process behind recent water and sewer rate increases to a crowd of residents at the Delta Village Council meeting in October. (PHOTO BY JESSIE DAVIS / THE VILLAGE REPORTER

By: Jesse Davis


In a blindside to many in attendance including Village Administrator Andy Glenn, the Delta Village Council voted to terminate Glenn following an executive session held early in the meeting.

Just six minutes into the meeting and before making it to any business, the council voted to go into executive session – itself an unusual occurrence as most executive sessions take place after all normal business has been completed but before closing the meeting.

After roughly half an hour they filed back in, sat down, restarted the meeting, and immediately moved to cancel Glenn’s contract.

Only council member Ashley Todd, shaking her head all the while, abstained from the vote. It was otherwise unanimous. Mayor Allen Naiber confirmed his agreement with the decision.

“Is this for cause?” a visibly frustrated Glenn asked. “It will be [an] at-will [termination],” council member Robert Shirer responded.

After confirming he would be paid out for a final 90 days and a final vote, Glenn stalked out of the meeting.

“This village deserved Brad Peebles, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t want to work with these people,” he said as he left the room and went upstairs, ostensibly to get his belongings.

Acting Police Chief Drew Walker and later another officer followed to ensure his eventual secure exit. Law Director Kevin Heban, council member Chad Johnson, and Todd all followed Glenn as well, and a brief recess was called.

When the council reconvened, Todd had not returned. Naiber said he received a letter from Todd during the recess, which he then read aloud.

“Effective today, I’ll be stepping down from my duties as a council member. Clearly, the remaining council members do not have the best interests of the village in mind,” she wrote.

Todd wrote that she could not continue in good conscience to be part of the council. The council then voted to accept Todd’s resignation.

In addition to coming to Glenn’s defense on some issues, including the potential hiring of an administrative assistant for his office which came up in a finance committee meeting immediately prior to the council hearing, Todd and Glenn have been in a romantic relationship for some time.

Potential ethical concerns regarding the relationship had previously been questioned by other council members and the finance director according to Glenn, who said no actual issues were found.

The firing comes amid still more controversies, including one surrounding actions taken by Peebles as well as those with whom he worked, and another surrounding an alleged illegal marriage and pension issue which has seemingly dogged Robert Austin out of two police departments following his resignation as Delta Police Chief earlier this month.

The first situation is under investigation by the state auditor, while the second has been reported to the state auditor as well as the Lucas County Prosecutor.

Glenn’s termination took out not only Glenn himself and Todd, but also a collateral victim – new Recreation Committee Chair Angela Riley.

So new, in fact, she appeared at the hearing to speak on the record accepting her position to fulfill a legal requirement.

Riley made her initial statement to the council prior to the termination. She came back at the end of the meeting, nearly two hours later, to resign from that position. She said she had “lost a lot of respect for the council.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t be involved with what’s going on,” she said. “And I had a great board put together, so it’s a shame.” As Riley continued, her statement became tearful.

“It’s hard to find people to volunteer their time in the community, and what you guys just did, without talking to him?” she said.

She added that the council didn’t seem to have a problem when “we had an idiot who was here for how many years” as village administrator.

“You guys need to take a long look at yourselves and figure some [expletive] out,” Riley said before walking out.

Glenn was unaware the termination vote was coming until it happened, and Todd and Naiber were reportedly in the dark until the executive session.

It is unclear thus far who exactly knew the vote was coming or how it came about, although enough was known that feelers had been put out regarding temporary assistance in Glenn’s absence.

During one of the breaks, Shirer said there is a retired village administrator in the area who provides interim administrative services to other communities.

According to Shirer, that unnamed individual (who he stressed was not Peebles) is going to temporarily fill in for Glenn. Heban confirmed later during the meeting that he would be giving the man a call once the meeting adjourned.

Shirer said Glenn was terminated “with thoughts of the long-term health of the village.” “We wish Mr. Glenn well in this separation, but we didn’t feel our relationship should continue,” he said.


The council voted to pass an ordinance reducing the size of the village’s Community Reinvestment Area tax abatement zone on third and final reading by a vote of 4-1. Council member Lynn Frank cast the sole dissenting vote.

The next regular meeting of the council will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, June 10, at 401 Main Street in Delta.


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