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District Governor Diana Savage Visits Stryker Rotary

Diana Savage, District Governor 6600, spoke to the club at their regular meeting on Tuesday. Diana has been a Rotarian since 2008 as a member of the Bryan Rotary club.

She held many leadership positions in the Bryan club as well as Foundation Chair and Assistant Governor for District 6600. Diana was very complementary of the Stryker club for their continued involvement and support of the Stryker community.

She shared that one of her goals and dreams is assisting Rotary to move forward during this challenging time. Change is a part of life and learning to embrace it is required to continue our steps in a positive direction.

Rotary must continue to be just as relevant as it has been in the past; and finding ways to overcome obstacles is required for the process.

Diana reinforced the goals of Jennifer Jones, president of Rotary International, increasing our impact, expanding our reach, enhancing engagement with everyone, and improving our ability to adapt. She also touched on Polio and Rotary’s need to stay active in the fight.

Our district will be providing education to the community in general because many in our population are unaware of the devastating effects of this terrible disease.

She reinforced the district stands ready to assist each clubs’ efforts to meet these goals. In closing Diana shared the dates of upcoming events that provide excellent opportunities to network with other Rotary members around the area.

On Saturday, September 10th will be a picnic sponsored by 12 clubs that is held in Liberty Center, and in May the district conference will be held in Cleveland.

Pictured on either side of the banner on the left Diana Savage and on the right Stryker Rotary President Bob Seibert.


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