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Edgerton Schools Honor Veterans Day With Large Assembly

HONORED GUEST … Lieutenant, Brett Green, Commander of the 837th Brigade Engineer Battalion Superintendent of NOVA Initiatives, was the chosen as the Honored Guest for a speech at Edgerton’s Veterans Day Celebration. After his speech, Green gave Superintendent, Riehle a Challenge Coin for the community. (PHOTOS BY LINDSAY PHILLIPS, STAFF)

By: Lindsay Phillips

Veterans Day is one day of the year everyone takes a short break from their lives and in one way or another, honor a Veteran.

Many restaurants offer out free meals, city’s hold parades and events, businesses close, even google replaces their search engine logo to a flag, these are just a few of the ways the public says “Thank you” to those who have served so bravely and still serve today.

The holiday was originated in 1919, on the first anniversary of the 1918 armistice that ended World War I and became known as “Armistice Day.”

The holiday became official in the United States in 1938, but it wasn’t until 1954 that the holiday became Veterans Day.

Edgerton Schools honored Veterans Day proudly on November 11, 2022, with a public, full school assembly that began at 9:00 a.m.

The John D. Smith American Legion Post Color Guard presented the flags Infront of the assembly before Superintendent Kermit  Riehle introduced the assembly.

Held in the high school gymnasium, a row of seating was set up on the court for honored men and women who served.

Superintendent Riehle stood at the podium and began the ceremony by stating, “We have the opportunity to once again honor our Veterans and make this thing a special day for those who are sitting here in front of us, thank you ladies and gentlemen again for your sacrifice and efforts for this country.”

Riehle went on to add, “Veterans Day is intended to honor and thank all military personnel who served the United States in all the wars, particularly the Veterans.”

“Every November eleventh the nation comes together to honor and remember the service and sacrifices of our veterans.”

Riehle continued to share, “Today is an opportunity to reminisce of the great sacrifice and in some cases the ultimate sacrifice of lost life that men and women in service were willing to endure so this country remains the home of the brave and land of the free.”

Riehle read off the names of the Veterans who are honored on the wall in the school’s foyer and invited those whose did not see the name of their loved one on the wall to contact the school to add their Veteran on the wall.

Edgerton Elementary students sang a few songs to honor the Veterans that sat in front of them including the well known “Thank You Soldiers” song.

CHOIR … Edgerton High School Choir performed a patriotic song in honor of all Veterans with multiple solos.

All in attendance enjoyed watching the little one’s march and perform special tunes honoring each military branch.

Following the elementary’s musical numbers, Edgerton Junior High Band took the floor and played a patriotic song.

The last musical performance was done by the Edgerton High School Choir with a moving song.

As the choir returned to their seats, Riehle announced and welcomed the guest speaker, Lieutenant Colonel Brett Green.

Green began his military career in 2004 when he enlisted in the United States Army Reserves.

In 2007 he earned his commission as a second lieutenant as an engineering officer.

Green transferred to the Ohio Army National Guard 945 Engineer Company Norwalk Ohio as Platoon Leader and Executive Officer.

In 2010 Green deployed to Afghanistan with the 112 Engineer Battalion Brook Park Ohio and served as a Plan Officer.

While in the Ohio Army National Guard 5th Battalion, 54th Security Force Assistance Regiment, Green was the first officer in the state of Ohio to complete a twenty-eight-day training program in Georgia known as the Combat Advisor Training Course in 2018.

As Green continued his career in the Military, during COVID-19 in 2020 he served as the Officer in Charge at the Northwest Ohio Joint Engineering Assessment team supporting COVID relief.

Through this position he and his team were responsible for assessing, recommending and designing potential alternate care sites to assist with the possible surge in Covid cases.

Beginning in 2021, Green took Command of the 837th Brigade Engineer Battalion, part of the 37th Infantry Brigade located in Springfield, Ohio.

Colonel Brett Green is also the Superintendent of Nova Initiatives, serves as a high school basketball official, and farms with his father in-law on the family farm.

Green approached the podium and began his moving speech by thanking everyone involved in the event for allowing him to be the guest speaker.

Green announced, “On this day we do honor our Veterans living or dead and as a result the day is not to be somber, but to truly remember and pay respects to those willing to answer the Nations call.”

Green added, “Let us not forget those who stood ready to answer the call trained, eager and ready to make whatever great sacrifice necessary to help defend this great country.”

Lieutenant Colonel Green, shared a few experiences and stories through his service that he holds close to his heart and memories.

Green stated, “Looking back on my eighteen-year career and the ribbon above my left breast pocket, I know what each ribbon was for, how it was earned or why it was awarded.”

“Does having any of these ribbons make me a better leader, or a better soldier? Will other soldiers and civilians look and say ‘wow, Lieutenant Green has done a lot?’ “Maybe, maybe not, but what it does do is tell a story, my story.”

Green added, “Our society needs to listen to these stories and truly listen to what our Veterans have to say, for it is through their actions, selfless service and dedication to duty that Americans and many other countries are able to enjoy a walk in the park, a trip to the small, to attend a sporting event, or to simply have a freedom of choice.”

Green ended his speech by stating, “Thank you for all of your support here today and every day, remember to thank our service men and women, it is through that service that we are able to drive on and finish our missions.”

Green then awarded Superintendent Riehle and the community a Challenge Coin.

Following applause, Riehle closed out the assembly by thanking the John D. Smith American Legion Post Color Guard for coming, and the students for having such respect during the event.

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