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EDON VILLAGE COUNCIL: Joint Meeting With Florence Township Trustees Concludes In Cemetery Conversation

TREE ROOTS … Flooding at Edon Cemetery this wet season was a top issue faced by the cemetery board, which is composed of members from both the Edon Village Council and the Florence Township Board of Trustees. The flooding was the result of tree roots clogging a drainage tile that has been damaged by the digging of a grave.

By: Anna Wozniak

The Edon Village Council met on May 20, 2024 at 7 p.m. Present were members David Loughborough, Jeff Pease, Austin Thiel, Lee Lawrence, Dan Ankney, and Brian Shaffer alongside solicitor Tom Thompson, Mayor Duane Thiel, Administrator Chad Ordway, and Fiscal Officer Heidi Bidwell.

After the agenda and the minutes from the last meeting were approved as presented, so were the most recent financial reports and bills.

It was shared that the park’s new equipment is nice, and routine park maintenance has gone well. Cemetery roads are looking at some regular maintenance for possible widening, and the tile issue resulting in some flooding was resolved last week.

Phase II at the park is completed, and projects are being finalized, streets are getting swept, and the street skate project was not awarded grant funding, so funding will have to be reevaluated.

Then, the donation of the walk path by the creek was approved on its first reading, and Mrs. Bidwell shared the 1st quarter report with CCA income tax processing.

A couple of notices and signs have been placed regarding the new grass ordinance, with it being shared that there are two houses and one lot that have been abandoned, with one house and the lot referred to the Williams County Port Authority.

An update was given on a vicious dog in the village, with it being decided that the village would prosecute and charge to the full extent of the law, separate from the dog warden.

They next will seek to charge the owner with contempt if all insurance requirements aren’t met, and complicity with the court order is still questionable.

The joint meeting with the Florence Township Trustees then began, with trustee Don Imm joining the board to discuss cemetery, tax millage, and trustee terms.

Doug Michaels was renominated to the cemetery board, and the costs of maintaining the cemetery were detailed.

Then, conversation turned to the tile issue that resulted in flooding across the road, with it being shared that the issue was a result of tree roots.

Removal of the tree was discussed, and it was shared that “it might have to be considered” since the tile was severely damaged with the digging of a grave near the tree.

With no further concerns to address, the board voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:29 p.m., with the Edon Village Council set to meet next June 17, 2024 at 7 p.m.


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