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Evergreen FFA Hosts Agricultural Awareness Day

AG DAY … The FFA members took this picture shortly before starting Ag Day. There were 26 FFA members who presented educational lessons to the elementary students.

On Friday, May 10th, the Evergreen FFA Chapter hosted an Agricultural Awareness Day (Ag Day) for the Evergreen elementary students. This was an opportunity for the elementary students to see what agriculture is and why it’s so important.

The elementary students were able to see and learn about various agricultural topics. Some of the FFA members were able to bring in farm animals and equipment.

Other members taught about soil composition, read an agricultural story about soils, and showed the students how to plant flowers.

One of the stations was farm machinery and equipment where FFA members brought different agricultural equipment from planters to semi-trucks.

The members who were in charge of the equipment station explained the purpose and operation of the machinery. Members let students sit in the equipment and invited them to ask various questions.

Another station allowed students to make dirt pudding cups while learning about the different layers of soil in a soil profile.

The students put different food items into a cup and each piece of food represented a different layer of the soil profile. After classes created the dirt layers, the students were able to eat their edible soil profile.

Two members had the opportunity to read an agriculturally based story to the elementary students. Students learned about soil composition and organisms who live in the soil.

After the soil station, classes visited the livestock. FFA members brought horses, a calf and a sheep. Students had the chance to pet and learn about each of these animals.

At the final station, FFA members learned how to plant seeds and grow them into a flower. Each elementary student planted their own flowers and took them home.

Ag Day was a successful event which helped raise awareness for the agricultural industry. Elementary students learned where their food comes from and the importance of the agricultural field.

CARING FOR FLOWERS … The elementary students were shown how to plant and care for flowers. The students each took home a cup with different flower seeds to grow at home.


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