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Fayette 2023 Homecoming Celebration

By: Jacob Kessler

The Fayette High School held their Homecoming Ceremony on Saturday, January 21st before the basketball games with Hicksville began.

Members of the Homecoming Court came out and were introduced to everyone on the court. Those members of the court are as follows.

Freshman Attendant Kayla Sliwinski and Escort Keagan Patterson. Kayla is the daughter of Keil and Kori Sliwinski.

Kayla is active in cross country, volleyball, basketball, softball, track, and Student Council. In her free time, Kayla likes shopping and going to Little Long Lake and hanging out with her family and friends.

Kayla enjoys eating french fries, seafood, especially from Red Lobster with her dad, and fruit smoothies.

Her favorite color is periwinkle. Kayla’s favorite actresses are Rudy Pankow and Jennifer Aniston. While her favorite shows are Outer Banks, Stanger Things, Never Have I Ever, The Simpson’s and Scooby Doo.

In addition, Kayla enjoys the Fall season, and her favorite class is STEAM. Kayla’s favorite memory at Fayette was when they won the BBC in 8th grade basketball.

In the future Kayla would like to go to college and study something in the medical field.

Keagan Patterson is the son of Kylie and Rusty Patterson. Keagan is active in basketball, baseball, golf, and is a member of student council.

Keagan enjoys Oreos and the season Fall, because that is when he can watch his favorite team, The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Keagan’s favorite pastime is playing basketball and his favorite color is purple. Keagan enjoys STEAM class.

His favorite actor Adam Sandler. Keagan’s favorite memory at Fayette was the trip to Washington D.C. his 8th grade year. In the future Keagan would like to go to college after high school.

Sophomore Attendant Erika Fetterman and Escort Caden Leininger. Erika is the daughter of David and Heather Fetterman.

She is involved in basketball, track, cross country, archery, FUMY, 4-H, Spanish Club, Student Council, FFA and is secretary of her class. Erika’s favorite TV show is Friends, and her favorite thing to do is hang out with her friends.

Her favorite thing to eat is Chicken Alfredo, and her favorite color is blue. While at school, she likes to hang out in Mrs. Altstaetter’s room because that is her favorite teacher.

Her favorite type of music is country, and her favorite season is fall. Erika’s favorite memory at FHS was the freshman track season.

Her future plans are to go to college after high school.

Caden is the son of Nick and Ruby Leininger. He is involved in baseball, basketball, cross country, archery, trap shoot, and FFA.

In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and going fishing. Caden enjoys eating goulash, the color orange, and Mechanical Principals class. His favorite movie is Step Brothers, and his favorite actor is Will Ferrell.

Caden is fond of the winter season and country music. Caden’s favorite memory at Fayette is when Wyatt picked tator tots up off the cafeteria floor and threw them into Opie’s mouth across the cafeteria. His future plans are to go into masonry and cement work.

Junior Attendant Maeve Maginn and Escort Keiler Sliwinski. Maeve is the daughter of Mike and Traci Maginn.

She is involved in several activities that include Cross Country, Track and Field, National Honor Society, and Quiz Team.

She also helps with the after-school tutoring program. In her spare time, she likes to read books.

While reading, she likes to listen to classical music. When she is not reading, she likes to watch the movie “We Bought a Zoo”.

Her favorite food is Chicken Alfredo. Her favorite color is lilac, and her favorite season is autumn.

Although she enjoys all her classes and teachers, her favorite memory at FHS is the time she was running a cross country workout at Harrison Lake while joking about getting pneumonia because it was so cold and rainy.

Maeve’s future plans are to college to study either psychology, law or neonatal nursing.

Keiler is the son of Keil and Kori Sliwinski. He participates in Cross Country, track, FFA, National Honor Society and is a member of the quiz team.

In his free time, Keiler likes to play games, poker and do puzzles. Keiler’s favorite shows to watch are Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Harry Potter and Family Guy.

His favorite actor is Sam Neil. He also enjoys listening to 50s, 60s, and 70s music, especially Carly Simon.

Keiler’s favorite food is a double cheeseburger basket with lots of ketchup from JJ Winns. He likes the color blue, football as a sport, and cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes.

In addition, Keiler’s favorite class at school is Chemistry and his favorite season is winter. Keiler’s favorite memory at Fayette is winning the BBC in track during 2021. Keiler’s future plans are to either go to college or immediately enter the workforce.

Senior Attendant Rebecca Stevenson and Escort Kaden Frenn. Rebecca is the daughter of Trent and Terri Stevenson. She is involved in Volleyball, 4-H, FFA and is a member of the Student Council.

In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends. Rebecca enjoys watching Ellen Pompeo on Grey’s Anatomy and listening to country music.

Her favorite food is Mexican, especially in the summer, which is her favorite time of year. Rebecca’s favorite team is the Nebraska Women’s Volleyball team.

Rebecca’s fondest memory at Fayette is going the FFA National Convention. In the future, Rebecca plans to attend Northwest State and eventually Lourdes for nursing.

Kaden is the son of Melissa Dean and Nick Frenn. He participates in basketball, FFA and is a member of student council.

In his free time, he enjoys hanging with his friends. Kaden enjoys eating chick-fil-a, his favorite color is blue, and his favorite class is Study Hall.

In addition, Kaden is fond of rap music and summer season. His favorite actors are Seth Rogan and Adam Sandler.

Kaden’s favorite memory at Fayette is Relay for Life 2021 when the Juniors and Seniors brought the slip and slide, and everyone got to slide on it. Kaden’s plans for the future are undecided at this time.

The 2023 Homecoming Queen was Hannah Kovar and Homecoming King Chase Moats.

Hannah is the daughter of Terry and Jean Kovar. She is active in Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Band, FFA, Student Council, NHS, and is the president of her class.

Hannah enjoys napping and building gingerbread houses. Hannah loves eating Mac and Cheese, and her favorite color is dark green.

Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Altstaetter, and her favorite class is Anatomy and Physiology. She loves all types of music.

Hannah’s favorite season is Fall, and she roots for The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Louisville Girls’ Volleyball team.

In addition, Hannah loves the movie Hocus Pocus, and enjoys watching actress Angelina Jolie.

Hannah’s favorite memories at FHS are all the times that she and Emma had to fight off nature during Cross Country season.

Hannah’s plans for the future are to attend THE Ohio State University and major in agri-business.

Chase is the son of Lynne Ferguson and Matt Moats. He is active in cross country, basketball, baseball, 4-H, Band, FFA and is Vice president of his class. Chase’s favorite pastime is going to watch sprint car races.

Chase enjoys watching Scooby Doo and eating mac and cheese, and pizza. Chase’s favorite class is Band with Dr. Dunford, who is his favorite teacher. Chase likes to listen to country music.

Other favorites of his include, the color lime green, the season fall, and he loves Hendrick’s Motorsports Sprint Cars.

Chase’s favorite memory at FHS was when they duct taped Demetrius to his chair, and HE was the one who got into trouble. Chase’s plans for his future are to enter the workforce.

Princess Drea Seiler and Prince Zeb Rodriguez. The two were being escorted by the 2022 Homecoming Queen Emma Leininger.

The 2022 Homecoming King was unable to make it due to serving in the Armed Forces.

Following everyone’s introduction, the 2023 King and Queen were presented with their crowns by Queen Emma. They then placed the crowns on top of each other’s head to complete the ceremony.

It was time to get ready for basketball. The JV and Varsity teams competed that evening before opening up the rest of the evening to the Homecoming festivities.

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