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Fulton County Ranks 46th & Williams County 62nd For COVID Cases Per Capita In Ohio

By: Daniel Cooley

In the latest number of COVID-19 cases for the state of Ohio for the last two weeks, Fulton County ranks 46th in cases per capita, with 2,272 cases per every 1,000 people and Williams County is 62nd at  1,933.

Fulton, with a county population of 42,126, has listed 957 new cases over the past two weeks.  Williams County, on the other hand, with a population of 36,692, has had 709 new cases in the past two weeks. These statistics are according to the Ohio Department of Health.

While there is still much debate on whether or not to get a vaccine, there appears to be a direct correlation between getting vaccines and who are the latest to contract COVID-19.

According to the Williams County Health Department , in the 80 and over age group, 82% have been vaccinated, the number of COVID cases in this group is 50. In the 60-79 age group, with 77% of them getting vaccinations, the number of cases within Williams County is 91.

Conversely, in the 20-29 age group, with 29% getting vaccines, the COVID count is the highest, at 193. In addition, in the 30-59 age group, with 42% vaccinations, the count is 158 in the 30-39 age group, 153 with the 40-49 year-olds and 127 with the 50-59 age group.

In the 12-17 age group, only 23% have been vaccinated. Here, it doesn’t break down the COVID cases with this group, lumping them instead with 0-19, with the numbers the second highest, at 162.

While the mask debate rages on and although masks are not mandated at this point, the Ohio Department of Health recommends that everyone wear masks. The most preferred mask is a High Filtration mask, while cloth masks are listed as just OK.

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Source: The Village Reporter

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