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Fulton County Senior Center Spotlight: Wes Green

Congratulations to Wes Green, the Senior Center’s Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor, on his retirement at the end of August.

Wes started in building maintenance for Fulton County in 2002 and started working at the Senior Center in April of 2014. Prior to 2002, he spent many years working with his dad.

“While I was growing up, I saw my dad working as a carpenter and farmer, and I always wanted to do the same. I got to work at both carpentry and farming alongside him for many years. We got along really well,” he explained.

Wes is grateful for the chance to learn a variety of hands-on skills from his dad. Maintaining the vehicles was only part of Wes’ job.

“I also cleaned up spills or accidents inside the Senior Center and did minor plumbing jobs as needed. Different things need attention with an older building.”

“Whatever came up, I tried to take care of it. I didn’t have formal training. I learned carpentry, electrical and plumbing from my dad. You’re always learning,” Wes said.

“The Senior Center has 23 vehicles. I kept track of the mileage for oil changes, kept them fueled, checked fluid levels, replaced tires as needed, and kept an eye on all maintenance for them.”

“Keeping them clean so they were ready to haul meals or clients was a big part of my job. In 2022, we put over 137,000 miles on all of the cars, including the two buses,” Wes said.

His duties changed with each season, too. Wes helped to keep the Senior Center sidewalks and parking lot clear during the winter. If a meal delivery driver had vehicle trouble, such as their vehicle getting stuck in a driveway, Wes was the one they called.

“The variety is what I liked best. I didn’t get bored. You never knew what would come up on a day at the Senior Center,” he said.

Wes said, in retirement, he looks forward to traveling with his wife, Gloria, and devoting more time to farming.

“And I still enjoy woodworking. I’ve made small items for family members, like toy boxes, coat racks, and a desk.” The Greens have two adult children and five grandchildren.


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