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Fulton County Seniors News For May

The Fulton County Senior Centers will be closed on May 31 for Memorial Day, with no meals served.

Did you know that the monthly issue of the Senior Center B-zz is available for free via email? To get signed up call 419-337-9299 or send an email to Karen at

WARNING – “If you receive a letter in the mail from “Meals on Wheels,” be sure to check the address. Likely, the letter is from a “Meals on Wheels” organization located out of state. If the letter asks for a money donation, don’t be fooled into thinking your donation will benefit home-delivered meals of Fulton County Senior Center.

Do not provide your personal information to charities. Be certain you understand to whom you are donating money.The Fulton Center Senior Center will never send you a letter asking for money.

Additionally, if you choose to submit a donation to cover the meals you receive from the Fulton County Senior Center, please make your check payable to Fulton County Senior Center and mail to 240 Clinton Street, Wauseon, OH, 43567. Call us at 419-337-9299 if you receive a confusing donation request and have questions. We’re happy to help.”

Another Warning: “Social Security won’t call you. Don’t be fooled by this common scam. Seniors sometimes receive phone calls from someone claiming to be with the Social Security

Administration (SSA).The callers usually state that, due to improper or illegal activity with a citizen’s Social Security number (SSN) or account, a senior will be arrested or face other legal action if they fail to call a provided phone number to address the issue.

These calls are scams. The SSA does NOT threaten citizens for information. They will NOT say you face legal action or arrest if you do not comply with their requests, and most importantly, they normally only contact someone by phone with whom they have ongoing business. Some scammers have even gone as far as to “spoof” phone numbers to appear as though they come from the SSA.

Simply hang up.” Source: Farmers & Merchants State Bank

Heads up about your Medicare Card:

1. Your card has a Medicare Number that’s unique to you, instead of your Social Security Number. This helps to protect your identity.

2. Your card is paper, which is easier for many providers to use and copy.

3. If you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO or PPO), your Medicare Advantage Plan ID card is your main card for Medicare—you should still keep and use it whenever you need care. And, if you have a Medicare drug plan, be sure to keep that card as well. Even if you use one of these other cards, you also may be asked to show your Medicare card, so keep it with you.

4. Only give your Medicare Number to doctors, pharmacists, other health care providers, your insurers, or people you trust to work with Medicare on your behalf.

5. Medicare uses the name and address you have on file with Social Security. To change your name and/or address, contact Val Edwards at the Senior Center for assistance or visit your online Social Security account.

6. Val Edwards, Information & Referral Specialist at the Fulton County Senior Center, is available by appointment to answer your Medicare questions, 419-337-9299.


Source: The Village Reporter

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