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Historic Reflection: 1837-1840: Early Gorham Township

HISTORIC REFLECTION … Gabriel D. ‘G.D.’ Snow was the son of Elijah Snow, an early pioneer of Gorham Township, who arrived in the area between 1837 and 1840. Oliver B. Verity, another early resident of Gorham, considered G.D. Snow to be a pioneer, stating that he was one of the, “…sons and daughters of those old pioneers,” that had endured, “…all the vicissitudes of a pioneer life.” Verity was a teacher at the log schoolhouse in the eastern part of the township during the winter of 1844-45, and was also a Justice of the Peace. The G.D. Snow farm was located northeast of Fayette, not too far south of what is today Township Road T on County Road 21. Snow was also an early businessman, carrying on his father’s ashery business, while opening a store and operating a cheese factory.

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