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Local Filmmaker Making A Heart Warming Film In Bryan

(PRESS RELEASE) – Samantha Ryan, a small-town Ohio native, developed a deep connection to film and visual arts early on. She honed her skills as a camera operator at BMUTV and a freelance assistant producer and camera operator with Richer Productions.

Samantha, who started in high school theater, now holds a bachelor’s degree in film. She balances writing, directing, acting, modeling, and motherhood, alongside her photography pursuits with RAW Studios LLC.

Notable roles include supporting actress in ‘Last Chance’. Her directorial focus includes projects like ‘Love Undead (2014),’ ‘Goldfish (2014), and ‘We’ll Get By, (The Autism Song), by Johnny Orr,’ showcasing her ability to connect with actors and evoke raw emotions.

Eager to bring her numerous ideas to the big screen, Samantha continues to find joy in the art of storytelling, and personal growth filmmaking.

She is now directing a film here in Bryan, Ohio and wants to involve the community as well as open casting for her new film “Reunions in Heaven”. A screening will also take place locally upon the film’s completion!

The mission of “Reunions in Heaven” is to provide solace and hope to those grappling with the grief of losing a loved one, showcasing that they are not alone in their journey.

The ultimate goal is to have the film featured at the Christian International Film Festival, reaching a broader audience and potentially receiving recognition.

The story revolves around various characters’ lives and final moments and, most importantly, envisions a reunion in Heaven with their departed family members.

While inspired by real people, it is a fictional short film, exploring the unknown aspects of heaven that we all imagine.

How can you be a part of this Film?

  1. Contribute to the Campaign: Your financial support will go towards purchasing props, building the set (aka Heaven), providing accommodation and travel assistance for cast and crew, and ensuring everyone is well-fed during the 12-hour working days.

As a token of gratitude, there are some cool incentives available; including but not limited to a photoshoot with me, tickets to a friends & family screening of the movie, tickets to a 2-day art show, access to the final film and behind-the-scenes content like hand-drawn storyboards. In addition, if you own a small business and wish to be recognized for your support, please reach out to discuss.

  1. Take the Spotlight: If you’re interested in playing a role, we’re holding auditions at the First Church of Christ 129 N Walnut St on Saturday, Jan 20th, from 10 am to 2 pm. Please bring a photo of yourself if you can, we will provide script pages to read for the casting director.

To learn more about “Reunions in Heaven” and to get involved, please visit


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