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Lyons Restaurant Closes Its Doors

RESTAURANT CLOSING … Ks Fine Food & Drink, previously located at 117 North Adrian Street in Lyons, has been closed following a social media post detailing the owner’s retirement. (PHOTO BY JACOB KESSLER / THE VILLAGE REPORTER)

By: Jacob Kessler


A Lyons restaurant has closed for business suddenly. On Monday, June 3rd, the social media profile for Ks Fine Food & Drink posted the following message.

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closure of Ks.  While I will miss everyone, it is time to focus on retirement and spending more time with my family. Thank you to everyone who has supported Ks over the past 7 years. “

“Your support has meant the world to me. If you have any gift cards with balances, I will be at Ks Tue-Friday this week.  Please stop in from 9 am-1 pm for any refund due.”

Customers were also met with a for sale sign on the building showing that the restaurant was indeed closed.

Owner Barb Kunkle explained to The Village Reporter that her reasoning for the closure was simply for retirement purposes.

Kunkle spoke about her time at the restaurant, and what took place to see its initial creation. “When I opened this place, it was because my dad said to me, I’ve lived here in the community for 70-plus years, and I don’t know my neighbors anymore.”

“This was originally designed as a community place where people could come in, say hi, and be a part of a great atmosphere. It was also a great place to get food that was not prefabricated or pre-packaged.”

Kunkle also went on to explain that her biggest sellers during her time running the restaurant were the prime rib meal, white fish meal, homemade salad dressings and potato chips, and the variety of desserts.

Kunkle also wished to thank everyone who came to support her, especially those who drove 30-60 miles.


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Source: The Village Reporter

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