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Man Succumbs To Injuries Sustained At Ohio’s King’s Island

MASON, Ohio — The recent death of a man who was struck by a steel roller coaster at a popular Ohio theme park has left the community in shock and mourning.

Arntanaro Nelson, 38, of Wilmington, tragically entered a restricted area at Kings Island on Wednesday night in a bid to retrieve his lost keys, as confirmed by a park statement. Subsequently, he was discovered on the ground with a “critical injury” and succumbed to his wounds on Friday at a hospital.

The Hamilton County coroner’s office has categorized Nelson’s death as a “suspected accident,” with an ongoing investigation. The heartbreaking news of his passing was officially disclosed on Monday.

Reportedly, Nelson had misplaced his keys while on the Banshee, an inverted roller coaster renowned for its track-dangling trains, before venturing into the off-limits zone and being struck by the coaster, according to Mason police. Fortunately, no other injuries were reported in connection with the incident.

The Banshee, hailed as the world’s longest steel inverted roller coaster, boasts speeds of up to 68 mph (109 kph), according to the park’s website.

Following the tragic event, the roller coaster was temporarily closed but reopened on Saturday.

Located in Mason, approximately 24 miles (38 kilometers) northeast of Cincinnati, the park’s management is undoubtedly reeling from the aftermath of this heartrending incident.


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