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Millcreek-West Unity FFA Has Busy October

ADV. AN. AT FIN FARM … Bob Hesterman, owner of Fin Farm, shows Advanced Animal students the different varieties of fish they raise.

By: Shaelyn Brown

October 6th, the Advanced Animal Science class of Libbie Baker, Carson Crossgrove, Devin Dempsey, Brian Guillen, Lindee Lammon, Hope Potts, Olivia Rossman, Conner Sanders, Cameron Schlosser, Landon Stuckey, and Colton Wood started out the month with a visit from Dr. Brian Harr.

Dr. Harr was a guest speaker for the class and also gave a presentation on ultrasound. Rayne, Ms. Frey’s dog, was the volunteer to be ultrasounded. The ultrasound was to determine if she was pregnant. The class was able to see 6+ puppies on the screen. Dr. Harr also allowed the students to wear his headset so they could see the puppies more clearly.

AG BUS @ JACOBYS … Ag Business students: Ingrid Hoffman, Shealyn Brown, and Levi Cox visit Jacoby’s Ole Smokehouse to interview Christal Swany, owner, about owning a sole proprietorship.

On October 10th, the Advanced Animal Class went to Fin Farm in Ridgeville Corners. They learned about the history of the farm and the care and management of raising fish. They also picked up the tilapia that will be raised in the aquaponic systems in the ag room.

On October 12th, our Dairy Cattle Evaluation Team of Libbie Baker, Shealyn Brown, Sophia Crossgrove, Brian Guillen, Myah Higgins, Ingrid Hoffman, Anthony Jiannuzzi, Olivia Rossman, Conner Sanders, Jordan Schaffner, Grace Serrano, Aaliyah Sieradzki, Hailey Smith, and Gracelynn Weisz traveled to Sunnyville Dairy in Deschler, Ohio to compete in the District 1 Dairy Cattle Evaluation CDE.

D1 DAIRY CATTLE CDE … The Millcreek-West Unity Dairy Cattle Evaluation Team of: Sophia Crossgrove, Shealyn Brown, Jordan Schaffner, Ingrid Hoffman, Gracelynn Wiesz, Anthony Jianuzzi, Brian Guillen, Aliegha Sieradzki, Conner Sanders, Myah Higgins, Hailey Smith, Libbie Baker, Grace Serrano, and Olivia Rossman pose with the calves after judging. The team placed 3rd in the district.

They judged 4 classes of cows and heifers, completed a 25-question general knowledge test, and completed a pedigree and sire selection.

They placed 3rd at the contest. Individually, Brian Guillen placed 4th, Sophia Crossgrove placed 8th, Hailey Smith placed 21st, and Conner Sanders placed 35th, and Libbie Baker placed 36th.

DR. HARR VISIT … Dr. Brian Harr shows students in Advanced Animal Science how to ultrasound using Rayne, Miss Frey’s dog as an example. They were able to see what the ultrasound was seeing (puppies) on the cell phone!

On October 20th, the Animal and Plant Science, Advanced Animal and Plant Science, and the Biology classes went on a field trip together. The first stop was at Vander Made Dairy in Sherwood, Ohio, where they got a tour of the dairy facility.

Marijke explained cow and calf care, management practices, and the new robotic milkers they are adding. Lambert discussed their sustainable farming practices, new technology they are using, and cow nutrition.

JOB INTERVIEW CDE … Participants in the Williams County Job Interview Contest were: Lakota Siegel, Ingrid Hoffman, Brooke Moreland, and Zakk Cammack.

Their second stop was at Goldie Newman Park where Ann Marie and Josh from the Williams County Soil and Water Conservation District invited Kara Tarallo and Kevin Nemer from the ODNR and H2Ohio program to come help with special programing.

Kara led a session on macroinvertebrates and how the type of macros in the water can indicate how healthy the water is. The students found frogs, tadpoles, crayfish, dragonfly nymphs, etc. Kevin lead a discussion on the importance of wetlands and how agriculturalists can use sustainable practices to help keep our wetlands thriving.

MACROINVERTEBRATE COLLECTING … Ag students collect macroinvertebrates at Goldie Newman Park to check water quality during their field trip on October 2oth. This activity was organized by Kara Tarallo of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

He then led a session on testing the phosphorus and nitrogen in water samples collected from the pond at the park, another wetland, the Maumee River, and Lake Erie.

On October 24th, Lakota Siegel, Ingrid Hoffman, Brooke Moreland, and Zakk Cammack competed in the Sub-District Job Interview CDE. This contest requires the participants to have a resume and cover letter submitted prior to the interview.

VANDERMADE DAIRY … Advanced Animal Science, Animal and Plant Science, and Biology classes pose in front of Vander Made Dairy before the tour of their facility.

The day of the contest, they complete an application, go through a mock interview, and then write a follow-up letter about the interview. They have 20 minutes to complete each component.

In Division 2 (Sophomores), Lakota placed 2nd and Zakk 3rd. In Division 3 (Juniors), Brooke placed 1st. In Division 4 (Seniors), Ingrid placed 1st. Lakota, Brooke, and Ingrid moved on to the next round of competition, District 1 Job Interview, on November 6th.

WATER QUALITY TESTING … Advanced Animal Science and Animal and Plant Science students test water quality during their field trip on October 20th. This activity was provided by Kevin Nemer of H2Ohio.

To end the month, the Agribusiness class of Shealyn Brown, Sam Cox, and Ingrid Hoffman visited Jacoby’s Ole Smokehouse on October 31st. They interviewed Christal Swany about owning and running a sole proprietorship. They learned about the history of the business as well as business advice from Christal.


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