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Montpelier Chamber Of Commerce To Donate Hand Sanitizer To Local Businesses

With the availability of hand sanitizer being high, Montpelier Chamber of Commerce will be trying something new. Tuesday they will be receiving a supply of hand sanitizer to donate out to local businesses to help keep you and your employees safe.  The amount will be limited to a half gallon a visit. Currently, they have a limited supply to see how this works.

This will be by appointment only. Montpelier School has allowed the Bus Barn to be used to distribute the sanitizer. Please bring your OWN container (preferably one that is marked already as a hand sanitizer reciprocal). The procedure will be as follows:

1) Please call Kim Friend at 704-779-2634 to set up a time to meet at the Bus Barn.

2) Bring your container at said meeting time.

3) Text or call when you are on your way and they will make sure to be by the door. Leave the container at the door and distance yourself 6 feet from the door.

4) The container will be brought in, filled and wiped down and set it back outside the door to be able to be  retrieved safely when the door is closed again.

5) This is currently being offered to BUSINESSES ONLY.

6) It is not required to be a current Chamber Member to receive this help. If you know of a business that does not receive emails from the Chamber, please contact them.

7) There is NO cost. We are all in this TOGETHER. Lets stay safe, and stay healthy!

Please message Kim Friend with any questions, or call to set up distribution. This will be available until the supply is gone at which time the Chamber will seek to obtain more.



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