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Montpelier Elementary School Holds Little Loco Leaders Assembly For February

KINDERKLUB … AM – Front Row (left to right)—Barrett Saneholtz, Myah Hanenkratt. (PHOTOS PROVIDED)

Montpelier Elementary School held its monthly Little Loco Leaders assembly for the month of February on February 24, 2022.

The word of the month was “caring,” and specific students were recognized by their teachers for showing kindness and caring for others.

Students were taught by our school counselor, Ms. Anderson about making small changes each day to show others you care.

Think of one thing you can do to show someone that you care about them. These small changes will become habit.

Students were also given the opportunity to drop their name in a bucket for being a “Loco Leader” to have a chance to be drawn out randomly at the assembly as well.

The students were given prizes donated by Bill’s Locker Room III, Elmo’s Pizza, Lassus Handy Dandy, McDonald’s, and Cookies on Demand.

3rd grade through 6th grade students are also recognized for their positive actions related to the word of the month. These students are given a ticket as a “Loco Leader” every time they are recognized by a staff member at the school.

At the end of each month, one student from each classroom is drawn and they are given a prize that is donated to the school by Elmo’s Pizza, Lassus Handy Dandy, McDonald’s and Saneholtz-McKarns Main Stop.

The Business Sponsor of the Month was Saneholtz-McKarns Main Stop. The school thanked Sanholtz-McKarns Main Stop for donating this month’s prize.

Also held was the secon quarter awards assembly for Grades 3-6 on March 4, 2022. During this assembly, students were recognized who have had perfect attendance, honor roll (All 3 with a 90% or higher) and 2 “Loco Leader” awards from each grade level.

The Loco Leader awards given by the teachers are presented to students that they feel are Responsible, Respectful and Safe.


KINDERKLUB … PM – Front Row (left to right)—Lillian Wells, Carter Aquino.

KINDERGARTEN … Front Row (left to right)— Harlee Scranton, Cason Cook, Emmerzin Bell, Elias Salinas. Back Row (left to right)—Aiden Parsons, Able Hickman, Karlee Moore.

1ST GRADE … Front Row (left to right)— Juniper Daft, Loulee Griffith, Kynadie Gray, Nora Brancheau. Back Row (left to right)—Alexander Wells, Eli Tressler, Paisley Geren.

2ND GRADE … Front Row (left to right)— Maverick Dingus, Jedidiah Brink, Jayden Massey, Aidan Hannaford. Back Row (left to right)— Kaylee Barrett, Audrey Kinner, Madison Smith.

K-2 BUCKET FILLERS … Front Row (left to right)— Madison Smith, Emmett Robertson, Addison DeBruin, Alee Klender, Able Hickman. Back Row (left to right)—Grady Siler, Reddick Thorp, Emily Kannel, Paisleigh Groll, Aidan Hannaford.


3rd – 6th GRADE MONTHLY PRIZE WINNERS … Front Row (left to right) – Lilly Wernsing, Charlotte Frank, Bristal Rau, Calix Jordan, Holden Miller, Dylan Mattern, Jason Gearig. Back Row (left to right) – Gracelyn Lands, Sylvia Meyer, James Hickling, Jaden Cape, Holden Siler, Breilynn Wortkoetter, Breelynn Shankster.

3RD GRADE LOCO LEADERS … Khloe Gigax, Ralphy Bohnlein.

4TH GRADE LOCO LEADERS… Gracelynn Bauer, Allyson Prasser, Lilly Wernsing.

5TH GRADE LOCO LEADERS … Myleigh Dye, Carson Holman.

6TH GRADE LOCO LEADERS … Brayden Epling, Genevieve Repp.

3RD GRADE HONOR ROLL .. Front Row (left to right) – Jaelynn Pollock, Quinn Shoup, Natalie Stantz, Sawyer Rosendaul, Maci Thomas, Hunter Stahl. Back Row (left to right) – Holden Miller, Jameson Frank, Jaxton Brancheau, Jason Gearig, Lily Moore, Sophia Moden.

5TH GRADE HONOR ROLL … Front Row (left to right)- Will Friend, Rowen Saneholtz, Christian Nofzinger, Breelynn Shankster. Back Row (left to right) – Hazen Smith, Tyce Fleurkens, Nash Miller, Isaac Owen, Able Stoy, Cianna Shoup.

6TH GRADE HONOR ROLL … Rowen Brown, Aislinn McGee, Janessa Humbarger, Bailey Abrams, Ashlyn Harter.


4TH GRADE SPELLING BEE PARTICIPANTS … Aidyn Williams, Natalie Strobel, Libbey Brigle, Declan Repp.

5TH GRADE SPELLING BEE PARTICIPANTS … Tyce Fleurkens, Weston Brown, Brady Hand, Rowen Saneholtz.

6TH GRADE SPELLING BEE PARTICIPANTS … Korbyn Stone, Zaviour Richmire, Zepplin Morales, Dominic Wortkoetter.







Source: The Village Reporter

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