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Mother/Daughter Team Make Masks For Wreaths Across America

MASK MAKING … They send out their Thanks to all who have purchased masks, from Georgia to Ft. Wayne, to Liberty Center and all around Williams County Ohio. Also Thanks to those who have purchased a mask from Petyon’s Boutique and those who have donated extra. You all are helping our veterans to be honored for their sacrifice.

By: Rebecca Miller

In Williams County, Ohio, the name Tarry Eicher is pretty well known as she, as a GoldStar mom has taken on some major projects to benefit the military in honor of and in memory of her son, Sgt. Michael Paul Hodshire.

During this pandemic when Face Masks are “all the rage,” her daughter Kamie Nelson thought that making masks might be a good fundraiser for her mom’s efforts with Wreaths Across America. The two of them have collaborated despite the fact that Kamie, her husband Cody and their two little ones live two and a half hours away.

“I drive there and we sew for about 12 hours,” Tarry said in a phone interview. “We made 135 in two days the last time I went. It is hard work but well worth it as it is for a good cause.”

They have been selling the masks at $4 for child size, $5 for adult/teen size and $6 for mens’ size. 75% of the profits are going to the purchase of Wreaths which will be placed on the graves of Veterans at Riverside Cemetery in Montpelier on December 19, 2020. As of May 6, 2020, Tarry and Kamie had sold enough masks to purchase 120 wreaths.

Kamie lets people know via FaceBook that her mom has more masks at Eicher Subs in Montpelier, it spreads by word of mouth as well and some people have ordered them online. One way or another they are selling like hotcakes as people need a mask and they love that their money is going towards honoring the military.

Tarry is so proud of her daughter for her efforts. “She is a stay at home mom and has the two little ones running around her all the time. She is a hard working woman and I want everyone to know how proud of her I am,” Tarry said with a catch in her voice.

Mother and daughter certainly love and appreciate each other.  About a year ago Kamie started her own home business named Peyton’s Boutique after her little girl who is almost two years old now. She makes faux leather bows and ribbon bows which are also sold at Eicher’s Subs. She can be contacted on FaceBook or at

One pleasant experience during this project happened recently when “a lady who came to buy a mask told us that she has a grandson at Ft. Benning, Georgia. She wanted to buy 13 for her grandson and his battalion so she got three women’s and 10 men’s, all pure black, as that is what was required for them.”  They are working on getting those done as soon as the last order of elastic arrives. (But … they are donating them.)

Tarry shared that as soon as they finish up with the 400 yards of elastic that has been ordered, they are calling it quits. “It was a great idea, and we are glad we did it, but the driving and sewing for so many hours is just a bit too much for me,” she said with a smile in her voice.

The Riverside Cemetery needs 840 wreaths purchased each year, at about $10 per wreath. Donations toward the purchase of the wreaths are accepted at Eicher’s Subs.

They get ordered all through the year and are delivered in time for volunteers, of course led by Tarry, to take them out to put on the graves, following a little ceremony.  Donations can also be made at the website, as well as finding more information there.

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