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New Truck Added To Swanton Fire Department Equipment

NEW APPARATUS … This brand-new Swanton Fire Truck shines brightly against the snow from the February 2021 storms.

By: Rebecca Miller

Swanton Fire Chief Tony Shaffer was happy to share the details of the new addition to the Fire Department bay that recently joined the fleet. “Fire engine red” and brand new, this 2020 Sutphen Engine, or Pumper, was made in the Urbana/Springfield area of Ohio from the rails up.

It was purchased from money in the Village Capital Project Fund which was started in 2019 with one of the purposes being the purchase of a piece of fire apparatus.

They planned ahead, thinking the money would be used to purchase a Ladder Truck, but then the condition of the “second out” engine warranted the need to buy a fire engine instead.

The new engine will be used as a pumper, carrying water, hose and some rescue equipment. The cost of the truck alone was $509,000, with the equipment needed for it above and beyond that price, so they are still working on getting all the new equipment needed.

It has a 2000 gallon a minute pump, a 1000-gallon water tank, seating for four, compartment space for storage of tools and equipment as well as space for hose storage and ground ladders. Shaffer said that the compartment space is greater than they have had in the past and they are pleased about that.

This truck will be used to to go almost any kind of fire or rescue, which includes building fires and car accidents, and is even able to take on hazardous material incidents. Part of the equipment available on it is a “jaws of life” for extricating people from vehicle accidents.

It joins the Swanton fleet as one of two pumper engines, a ladder truck, two ambulances, a Tender (which is a Water Truck), and a Brush Truck for putting out field and grass fires.The water truck is used when there is no hydrant available. Sometimes the trucks are refilled from a nearby pond, but most often they refill from the nearest hydrant.

Chief Shaffer laughed when questioned about spots for firemen to hang on while riding to a fire, explaining that there has been “no hanging onto fire trucks for the past 30 years.”

All fire fighters have to be in seated positions and belted in before the driver will take off for a fire, or head back to the Fire House. There is even a device in the cab that lets the driver know that everyone is belted in.

Congratulations Swanton Fire Department on the new addition!

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Source: The Village Reporter

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