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Ohio Governor Mike Dewine Expressed Confidence In The State’s Mail-In Absentee Voting System

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” on August 9, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine expressed confidence in the state’s mail-in absentee voting system.

“I can only speak to Ohio, and we have long experience in voting by mail,” Governor DeWine said. “You don’t have to give a reason, and for four weeks, you can get an absentee ballot. It’s worked exceedingly well in Ohio. People could also go in at the board of elections and vote. I think you’re going to see more of that because of the coronavirus and people not wanting to go out.”

Governor DeWine also said that while there is always a concern about fraudulent activity surrounding mail-in ballots, he believes that Ohio is well-experienced with the process and has a good system in place.

“I’m comfortable,” he said. “Look, you always have to worry about fraud. You have to be vigilant. We have a great Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, and good local boards – Democrat and Republican – checking on each other. It’s going to work.”

DeWine’s assertion comes after several federal legislators and President Trump have expressed multiple concerns over mail-in ballots, but Ohio leaders assure voters they’ll be able to safely and securely cast their ballots.

Last week, Secretary of State LaRose dismissed as unfounded, concerns about mail-in voting being less secure. “Ohioans trust and embrace vote by mail and absentee balloting in Ohio,” LaRose said. “I believe this year, we’re going to see the highest percentage of absentee voting we’ve ever seen.”

LaRose also explained that the state is planning to offer the same voting options in the General Election that Ohioans normally see, including absentee, early in-person and Election Day in-person voting methods.

Board of Elections officials are estimating that more than half of registered voters will be choosing absentee voting, and they encourage voters who choose to vote by mail to do so early so as to prevent a backlog or delayed results.

The state will mail absentee ballot request forms to every registered voter around Labor Day.

Early in-person and absentee voting begins on October 6, but Ohio voters must register by October 5 to be eligible to vote in the General Election.


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