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Pettisville School Foundation Announces Two New Scholarships

The Pettisville School Foundation Board Trustees has created a new scholarship, the “PSF Career Scholarship”, solely to benefit the graduate who is becoming educated for an occupation/skill in an area not traditionally supported by institutions of higher education.

The initial scholarship will be in the range of $1,000 and will be offered annually to a graduating senior who continuing his/her education by pursuing a trade or career that requires additional (non-college) training beyond high school. This scholarship could support an internship, an apprenticeship, or classes to learn a new skill or trade.

The Pettisville Grain Company will also fund a new scholarship. The PGC Scholarship, first offered to the PHS Class of 2021, will benefit a PHS graduate to secure training or college credit in an agriculture related field.

The initial scholarship will be for $1,250 and will be awarded annually to a graduate with a preference (although not limited to) for students who plan continuing their education by pursuing a two or four year degree in an ag related field or becoming securing skills in an agricultural related field. If there are no applicants in the ag area, this scholarship can be awarded to any applicant as chosen by the scholarship committee.

The PSF awarded its first scholarship in 1986 and now offers eight different scholarships and has disbursed over $100,000 to over 120 PHS graduates.


Source: The Village Reporter

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