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Sleep Center Therapist Joanne Piper Speaks To Montpelier Hospital Auxiliary

GUEST SPEAKER … Joanne Piper, Parkview-Montpelier Hospital Sleep Center therapist, right, was guest speaker at Montpelier Hospital Auxiliary’s meeting Monday, Jan. 8th. Shown at left is Auxiliary President Armeda Sawmiller, who presented JoAnne with an appreciation gift on behalf of the auxiliary.

Joanne Piper, Parkview-Montpelier Hospital Sleep Center Therapist, served as speaker for Montpelier Hospital Auxiliary’s general meeting Monday, Jan. 8th in the hospital conference room.

She was introduced by Auxiliary President Armeda Sawmiller, who opened the meeting leading the auxiliary prayer.

The Sleep Center opened 28 years ago under the direction of Todd Davis with Joanne as a registered respiratory therapist and registered polysomnography therapist (RRT/RPSGT). She succeeded Mr. Davis about 1-1/2 years ago as supervising therapist.

A normal sleep cycle of 6-9 hours includes various stages of 1-2 hours which repeat three or four times during the cycle.

Stages 1 & 2 occur with levels of dozing (not deep sleep) and Stages 3 & 4 of delta sleep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which are needed to conclude the cycle with a refreshed and rested feeling.

Sleep disorders are diagnosed and treated at the Sleep Center, after referral from a patient’s primary provider. Symptoms include fatigue, irritability, depression, reduced concentration, and memory problems. Disorders may include sleep apnea, narcolepsy, chronic insomnia, and restless leg syndrome (RLS).

Sleep apnea (meaning “without breath”) has two types—obstructive apnea when breathing stops 10+ seconds due to a blocked airway, or central sleep apnea where the central nervous system affects a person’s ability to attempt to breathe.

Signs of sleep apnea include loud snoring, continual restlessness in bed, impotence in men and memory problems. Risks of untreated sleep apnea are irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

Narcolepsy is a condition where a person falls asleep anytime and anywhere. This may be hereditary and regular naps may be necessary.

Many causes may develop into chronic insomnia such as continual worrying about various situations, certain medications, and menopause in women. Naps or sleeping medications may help to relieve this insomnia.

Restless Leg Syndrome is a condition of uncontrolled movements in the legs resulting in “wakeups” during the sleep cycle. Possible causes may be mineral deficiency or related to diet.

RLS may cause “sleepwalking” commonly in children but may affect adults. Safety measures may need to be taken for this condition.

Those affected by sleep disorders should check their sleeping environment—light, noise, room temperature. During sleeping hours TV and computer/phone time should be eliminated.

Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine should be avoided before bedtime. Relaxation and deep breathing exercises may be helpful just prior to sleeping. The aroma of lavender may also help.

Those experiencing sleeping problems may not be aware of their sleep disorder. Appointments to discuss and study a patient’s sleep habits in a controlled environment can be made at the center to help diagnose problems and recommend treatment.

Sleep patterns are recorded. Recommendations may include use of a nasal CPAP machine to increase oxygen in the lungs, weight loss, changing sleep position, use of oral appliances, or in some cases surgery to increase airway opening.

More information is available by contacting Therapist Joanne Piper at Parkview-Montpelier Hospital ph: 419-485-3154.

Following the program Auxiliary President Armeda Sawmiller gave the Thought for the Day—“Getting enough sleep can be just as important as working out” by Ali Vincent.

She then conducted the business portion of the meeting. Roll call was answered by sharing a favorite winter activity. Vice President Linda Dilworth is recovering from hip surgery.

Reports were given by Secretary Connie Dunseth and Treasurer Joyce Schelling followed by correspondence. Armeda noted that the hospital courtyard was decorated by the staff during the Christmas season with lights and special decorations.

The maintenance department was thanked for displaying the luminaries in December around the flagpoles in front of the hospital entrance. Elaine Willibey is in charge of patient favors for January.

A bakeless bake sale fundraiser is scheduled for the next meeting on Monday, Feb. 12th at 1:00 p.m. in the conference room. Members are asked to bring a recipe to share and monetary donation for corresponding ingredients, along with Valentine cards for patients and staff.

Roll call will be “A town in northwest Ohio beginning with the letter of your first name”. The speaker will be Matt Stuckey, Montpelier Hospital physical therapy rehabilitation dept. Guests are always welcome to attend.


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