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Solar Project Update & DORA Signage Discussion Held With Williams County Commissioners

By: Rebecca Miller

Dennis Miller of Maumee Valley Planning Organization (MVPO) met during their Thursday, November 12, 2020 meeting, with the Williams County Commissioners.  Miller and the Commissioners discussed details of the possibility of a Solar Field at the intersection of St. Rt. 107 and St. Rt. 15. APEX, the company who has chosen the area, asked MVPO to help put together an MOU, which Miller presented to the commissioners.

Miller stated that the MOU “establishes the minimum set back standards, puts development standards for their site, protects the local residents from the glare, and other issues relative to the type of development.  Also there is some consideration for sound levels and it establishes a procedure for approval of their development plan.”

Following the discussion, it was determined that Miller will check with Dalton Carr of APEX, with the following information: a proposal representing what they are estimating the tax pilot to be, the distribution upon all public entities, the boundaries of the project so they know what school districts will be affected as well as other entities, and if they are asking for an energy zone.

Miller said he will set up a meeting over these items, after the commissioners have had an opportunity to speak with some local people who have more understanding on this topic (as requested by Commissioner Terry Rummel). Commissioner Brian Davis also specified that he wants the representative to have the disbursement based on 7000 versus 9000 per megawatt in print when they meet.

Bryan Mayor Carrie Schlade met with the Commissioners along with City Engineer Brian Wieland, in regards to DORA District signage.  Mayor Schlade reviewed the facts about DORA, a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, mentioning that the timing for it is Monday through Saturday from Noon to 11p.m., with no Sundays and that the target areas are along the Square as well as out towards the Eagles.

Their purpose for meeting with the commissioners was to discuss where the signs should be placed to make customers aware that alcohol consumption is prohibited on the Courthouse Property.  The signs will be placed in a way to make it clear where the boundaries are for DORA, with the agreement made to place the signs in the grass area on the edge of the courthouse, right by the concrete wall, with one on each of the sidewalk entrances, North, South, East and West.

Mayor Schlade expressed her appreciation for “the cooperation and collaboration between the Commissioners and the City any time we can do that for the public.”  She also mentioned that “this is a temporary DORA for a term of one year and Council will be revisiting that, all the time but especially in the Fall of 2021.

They will have to publicize and renew that if they want to continue DORA or make any changes. That also has to be published in the paper.”  She asked that if anyone who works at the courthouse has concerns, or compliments, about the City DORA, that they contact her and she will pass on the info to the Council.

Commissioner Hilkert asked Wieland to contact the Courthouse Maintenance Director and work with him to get the signs put up.  DORA will begin in January 2021.

In regular business, the commissioners voted to approve:

  • Resolution 338 Supplemental Appropriations on behalf of Williams County Auditor in the amount of $399,000;  Board of Elections $520.88 and $1000;  JFS $77,147.97;  The Sheriff’s transfer will be passed during next session once we get clarification from the Sheriff’s office.
  • Resolution 339 Entering into an agreement with Norfolk Southern Railway Company for a proposed sewer crossing as part of the Kunkle Sewer Project at a cost not to exceed $13,400 on behalf of the Williams county Engineer
  • Resolution 340 Entering into an agreement with Shalom Counseling and Mediation Center for contracting home based services, supervised visitations, counseling and mediations services, parenting skills services and family coaching programs at a cost not to exceed $20,000 for a term of October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021 on behalf of WC JFS
  • Resolution 341 Entering into a software Support Agreement with ParTec Systems, LLC at a cost not to exceed $995 for a term of January 1, 20221 – December 31, 2021 on behalf of the WC Sheriff’s Office
  • Resolution 342 Entering into a Sub-Recipient Agreement with Brady Township. Brady Township wished to provide $24,000 of its CARES Act Funds to the Board of Commissioners
  • Resolution 343 Entering into an agreement with Motorola’s Communications System and Services agreement and maintenance support and services addendum for 4 dispatch consoles at a cost not to exceed $399,000 on behalf of the Williams County Communications.
  • Minutes for previous meeting, payment of bills
  • Also signed was the monthly expenditure of the month of November on behalf of the Prosecutor’s offcie

The Monday morning, November 16 meeting was short and sweet with the passage of the following:

  • Resolution 344 Supplemental appropriations on behalf of Coronavirus Relief Fund in the amount of $1,431,408.67;  Dog Pound $100;  Hillside $1500, $7000, $8000 and $18,000;  Sheriff $8064.75, $1500, and $6494.14
  • Also signed:  Application for a permit to construct a dam or levee in the State of Ohio in regards to the Kunkle Wastewater Lagoons;  Dog Warden Report for Week of 11/02/20 – 11/08/20
  •   Minutes of the November 12, 2020 meeting and Bills as submitted by Auditor

It was also determined that a letter had been send out to employees in regards to the 2021 Health Insurance.  Commissioner Terry Rummel made note that approximately $94,500 has gone out to Small Businesses, “so those are progressing nicely.”

He also stated, “The Small Business Relief Program that the Commissioners and County has funded, is moving forward nicely and the checks should be cut on the 20th. They have to make that final cut and then we will announce who, what and where” concerning the applications.

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Source: The Village Reporter

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