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The Village Reporter-Online Survey: 81% Believe Athletes Should Not Kneel During The Playing Of The National Anthem As A Form Of Protest

Question: Do you believe athletes should kneel during the playing of the National Anthem as a form of protest?

(Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has stated he plans to kneel during the national anthem this upcoming season to support protests of social injustice, police brutality and racism).

1,300 readers voted with 1,053 (81%) indicating they do not believe athletes should kneel during the National Anthem while 247 (19%) said athletes should kneel.

Comments included:

Cydney Christensen-it’s amusing how people who serve for our country agree that they served FOR people to have rights to protest, but others who have not served believe it’s disrespectful. we miss the point. no one purposely disrespects the troops or people who have served when they kneel. at that time, it was just a way to peacefully protest and bring awareness to police brutality. look where we are at now, it was never about disrespecting the flag, and i will always support our troops.

(Reply): Jeffrey Bernath- It is possible, and more probable it can be both the right to protest and the be disrespectful. If it’s not purposely disrespectful, then why wear socks depicting cops as pigs?

(Reply): Rick Moss- what does disrespecting our flag have to do with the police? What’s next, burn down a Wendy’s to protest the police?…oh, sorry, that’s what just happened. We all just need to take a deep breath and figure out what we want.Here’s what your plan should look like: Define the goal, set benchmarks, gather support, and now you have a worthwhile movement. For the love of God, burning down your own neighborhoods is simply ridiculous.

Pat Speiser-They can do this all they want ON THEIR OWN TIME! When they wear the team uniform, they are representing that team, and should only take a stance if that is also the opinion of the team!

Hayley Brandt- You want to kneel to express your feelings, Fine !! Just don’t do it during the national anthem…🇺🇸 and if you feel you don’t Love America ~ leave !

Dan Coburn- You can’t sit back and enjoy any sport without someone politizing it! Even NASCAR has been infected! What’s the point of anything fun if it’s PC’d to death?

Colin Doolittle- I served my country so people could have the right to protest.

(Reply): Kyle Wheeler- it’s a mix feeling for me I don’t believe they should however I do believe it is their right do what they want.

(Reply): Pamela Erman- peaceful protest I support, even rioting-to a point- I support but where you lose me is looting and burning and destroying property! THAT makes you a damn criminal and I’m not longer supporting whatever your throwing a fit over! LOVE YOU MAN!!

Angela J. Ballew Deeds- There can be a time for recognition of important issues but during the national anthem is not the time. Why does something have to be taken away or disrespected in order for something else to be recognized. If we want to come together, that is not the way.

Jennifer Tejkl Coopshaw- If my son kneels at during the anthem I will march on the field and put him back on 2 feet but I am a firm believer in that would not happen as his Uncle fought for that flag overseas and just had a nephew pass away while in the Military. If you want to protest that is your right but not where the flag is concerned. Our families beliefs are that is sacred flag and we stand to honor her and all who have fought for her.

(Reply): Amanda Miller Sinks-I agree with you whole heartedly

(Reply): Danielle Rominski-Jennifer Tejkly Coopshaw, clearly your son isn’t black or biracial

(Reply): Jennifer Tejkyl Coopshaw- Danielle Rominski, no he is not but I have family who is. Do you have any close family members who have served? These athletes who are kneeling did they serve? I believe there is better ways fight discrimination then kneeling for the National Anthem and our flag. Again my opinion and the opinion of my family.

Amber Hotzfeld- As a retired service member, I feel this is why I served…to protect EVERYONES freedom of speech. Keep on kneeling until there is change!

Roy Norman-  I would rather see players all unify and kneel at the coin toss, or the kick-off, or the first offensive play of the game, or the tip-off, or when lead-off batter comes up in the top of the first, or start of 2nd quarter, there are times during the game that could have greater impact, and be focused on more.

Polly Gombash- Perhaps instead of kneeling, put that money they make into youth programs in their hometowns. Teach young men and women to be respectful, teach them what life skills they need to be productive, healthy, to have grace and God in their lives.


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