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Three Local High School Graduates Named Ashbrook Scholars

Ashland, OH – Ella Cummins, a recent graduate of Hilltop High School, Lyndsi Engels, a recent graduate of Montpelier High School, and Magan Miller, a recent graduate of Bryan Middle/High School, have been selected to be Ashbrook Scholars, according to an announcement by the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University.

The top-rated academic program includes an annual and renewable scholarship to attend Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio.

The Ashbrook Scholar Program is an honors program for undergraduates studying political science, history, or political economy at Ashland University.

The program is administered by the Ashbrook Center, an independent academic center that provides rigorous educational programs for high school students, college undergraduates, and high school civics, U.S. government, and American history teachers.

“The Ashbrook Scholar Program is a highly competitive program for top students interested in civic leadership,” said Jeffrey Sikkenga, the Ashbrook Center’s Executive Director.

“It’s an honor to become an Ashbrook Scholar because we’re looking only for the most serious and motivated students.”

Ashbrook Scholars experience a combination of academic rigor and practical experience. Students not only receive a traditional liberal arts education, but also have the opportunity to test their education in real world situations.

Ashbrook Scholars engage in private conversations with distinguished visiting scholars and public figures, participate in internships tailored to their interests and write and publicly defend a “Statesmanship Thesis” before graduation.

As part of the program, Ashbrook Scholars study the defining principles of American history and government as well as the great works of Western Civilization.

They seek to develop the knowledge, character, and judgment necessary to be outstanding leaders in all aspects of society.

Only 42 first-year students were selected to enter the program for the 2021-2022 academic year.


Source: The Village Reporter

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