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Victim Advocate/Director

Williams County Victim Assistance Program

Title:  Victim Advocate/Director

Job Objective:  
Responsible for providing direct services to victims of crime.  Works at the pleasure of and under the control of the Williams County Prosecuting Attorney.

Job Responsibilities:
Crisis Intervention
Make appropriate referrals
Provide criminal justice advocacy and information
Liaison with public and private organization to facilitate services for victims
On call response 24/7 on a rotating basis
Agent of the prosecuting attorney: Fulfill duties under the Ohio Revised Code & Ohio Constitution with regard to victims (notifications, advocacy, etc.)

Must provide resume, references, cover letter.  Must pass FBI background check and drug screen.  May be asked to complete tasks in interviewing process.

Preferred: Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in criminal justice or social service; 
Acceptable: two years of college with two years’ experience in criminal justice, social service or a related field; or four years’ experience in criminal justice, social service, or a related field.

Be nonjudgmental and able to relate to a wide variety of clients  
Have good communication skills, both verbal and written
Able to prioritize and manage time effectively
Understand the court system and be able to explain the terminology to victims
Competent in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, online research
Able to budget and manage financials
Effective manager of employees
Reliable and professional 

Work Activities:
Attend court appearance with victims or on their behalf and explain court processes and outcomes to victims
Provide support and referrals to crime victims
Assist victims in identifying their needs
Document all contact with victims or on their behalf
Intercede on behalf of victims with employers, law enforcement and the courts
Provide required notices to victims
Assist victims in obtaining compensation through the criminal case or the State
Provide other services as required to support victims of crime

Additional Duties of Director:

Grant Application and reporting
Supervision and training of staff 
Training for law enforcement and other service providers
Communications between Victim Assistance and the Prosecuting Attorney 

The Victim Advocate/Director reports to and works under the Williams County Prosecuting Attorney

Source: Williams County Jobs

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