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Village Administrator & Delta Mayor Release Statements After Abrupt Firing Of Administrator

By: Jacob Kessler


Statements have been received from both former Delta Administrator Andy Glenn and Delta Mayor Allen Naiber following the abrupt and unexpected firing of the administrator.

“While I was completely blindsided by the actions of council Monday night, as I started piecing together different events from the past couple weeks, the forming of this perfect storm started becoming very clear”, began Glenn.

“Last week I had a conversation with Robert Shirer, who led this attack on me last night, about his wife violating section 709 of the Delta Codified Ordinance by parking her coffee truck in the public park, on public streets, and within 500 feet of school property.”

“I told Mr. Shirer how I was not comfortable ignoring this as it would be seen as clear favoritism because of his position on council.”

“At the time of our discussion Robert appeared to be understanding of my concerns, but clearly that was not the case.”

“Also, just last week, I had a verbal discussion with a village employee, who is married to Daphne Demaline, about his negative attitude and the fact that it needed to be corrected, which apparently Mrs. Demaline did not like because until last night, we have never had a negative interaction.”

“And what I believe was the third strike against me was a conversation I had with Chad Johnson two weeks ago.”

“Mr. Johnson admitted to me that his main opposition to eliminating the Pre-94 tax abatement was that he took advantage of it when he built his house in Delta, and that this was the only reason he built in Delta.”

“Mr. Johnson said that this, and the fact that he moved his photography studio out of Delta and into Swanton would make him look like a hypocrite if he supported eliminating the Pre-94 CRA and would ruin any chance he had at becoming mayor one day.”

“I can only apologize to the residents of the Village of Delta that they are run by a council that is only concerned about furthering their own personal agendas, not doing what is best for the residents.”

“I had no idea how deep the corruption was in the village when I began trying to clean it up.  I am glad that I at least was able to get the attention of the state auditor’s office as I am confident, they will leave no stone unturned… which is what I am convinced that cousins Lynn Frank and Tony Dawson are the most concerned about.”

“At the Village of Delta meeting held on Monday 5/20/2024 there was a decision made to part ways with the village administrator”, stated Naiber.

“This decision was not taken lightly and was discussed prior to the vote by council. Myself and members of council will continue to work on improving our community.”

Following the night’s council meeting, several emails have been sent to the Village of Delta’s Law Director Kevin Heban, asking for comment from council members regarding the statement issued by Glenn.

Emails and a request for comment have also been sent over to the law director from The Village Reporter, via email, regarding allegations made in reference to the meeting on Monday night.

Glenn was hired in May of 2023, and has also served as a Springfield Township Trustee for some time.


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Source: The Village Reporter

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