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WAUSEON CITY COUNCIL: Tile Drainage Work Approved For North Fields At Biddle Park

The Wauseon City Council held their meeting on Monday, June 6th at 5:00 p.m. Council first observed the Pledge of Allegiance with a moment of silence then following after.

Council then moved to approve the minutes from the prior meeting before moving on to hear committee reports.

Councilor Stickley gave a summary of what was discussed at the previous park board meeting. He said there was discussion on the drainage issues that are affecting the fields at Biddle Park.

The drainage issues are leading to floods in the fields which lead to games and practices being canceled.

He explained the recommendation for tonight’s meeting was to tile the four north fields at Biddle Park to help with these concerns. A motion was made to approve the recommendation which passed.

Department head reports were then heard with Police Chief Chittenden giving an update on the vehicles received so far.

One of the two Durango’s have been received so far with parts still being waited on for the vehicles including brackets and a camera system.

Director of Public Service Keith Torbet then explained that Wauseon is located on the Yellow Stone Historical Automotive Trail. Signs will be hung around town.

The Yellow Stone Trail goes from Massachusetts to Oregon. He also said there has been great feedback regarding the new pickle ball courts at Homecoming Hill.

Finance Director Jamie Giguere then shared that a utility meeting and finance meeting will be needed soon.

Law Director McWaters then gave his report and also stated that there were a little more than ninety people at the Firecracker 5K. Council then moved on to matters of legislation with the following items being approved.

The First Reading for Resolution 2022-14 authorizing the mayor to enter into the 2022 Maumee Valley East Chip Consortium partnership agreement between the County of Henry, City of Napoleon, County of Fulton, and City of Wauseon; And Declaring an Emergency.

The Third Reading for Resolution 2022-10 authorizing the mayor to enter into agreements for engineering services.

Council then moved to approve the mayor’s appointment of Gina Rossman to the Revolving Loan Fund board before then moving to approve and pay the bills as presented.

With no further business to attend to, council moved to adjourn at 5:29 p.m.


Source: The Village Reporter

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