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Williams County Commissioners Addressed By New Sheriff Gary Mohre

By: Rebecca Miller

As part of their morning meetings on April 16, 2020, Williams County Commissioners met virtually with interim Sheriff Gary Mohre. Mohre informed them that the department is doing everything required by the coronavirus guidelines. He then shared concerning an email which he had sent to them, working with numbers to manage the budget.

“We want to see what we can do to maybe help out the reductions that we are going to be dealing with,” Mohre said. There were two new cars which had been ordered and one will be arriving soon. He recommended holding off on the other one as well as not hiring an additional employee as had been planned before the crisis.

“There are a lot of small things that I have been finding, within the short time that I have been here, like our cell phones,” Mohre continued. “We have been paying for twenty two cell phones and are only using sixteen or seventeen of them, so we can save around $3500 a year just on cell phone service.”  Other suggestions he made included some changes at “the house” at the fairgrounds as it is only used about ten days a year.

The commissioners thanked him profusely and asked if he had a round number for what they might be able to save and he said around $90,000. Commissioner Lew Hilkert explained that they are “working on the numbers” and conversing with the auditor and her staff to figure out how to deal with the shortfall that will have been caused by this crisis. “We appreciate what you are doing there Sheriff in regards to helping out with the issue. …This sure will help on any shortfalls of revenues and it will help on the expense side,” Hilkert added.

Mohre expressed that he is “a team player” and just wants to do whatever will help the most, including he and his wife spending six hours putting together a new desk and chair which the commissioners had ordered for his office.

“I tried to call and stop that, but it was already shipped,” he said. “They wanted $500 just to put it together and I said no. Thanks for getting it.”  The commissioners assured him that they wanted him to have a good seat and desk and he said he is grateful but in “times of crunch I could have made do.”

Resolutions passed during the meeting:

  • Resolution 134 – Supplemental Appropriations on behalf of Williams County Board of DD in the amount of $15,000 for Special Olympics Expenses;  Engineer’s office for $5000 to cover County Park upkeep and maintenance costs;  Job and Family Services for $50,111 to pay employee wages and expenses for Foster Parent Recruitment
  • Resolution – Entering into a contract Agreement with Adriel, Inc. for consulting services at a cost not to exceed $10,000 for a term of Feb. 1- June 30, 2020 on behalf of WC J&FS
  • Resolution 136 – Approve and adopt the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Policy;  Family and Medical Leave Expansion and Emergency Sick Leave Policy for the WC Commissioners – Personal Policy and Procedures Manual effective April 1, 2020- Dec. 31, 2020
  • Resolution 137 – Approve the removal of the Stop sign on CR6 approximately 600 free North of US 6 as requested by the WC Engineer
  • Resolution 138 – Appointing members of the Board of Williams County Commissioners to various Departments for the year 2020
  • Also signed:  Special Hauling Permit #20—11 CE-365;  Credit Card Appropriations on behalf of the Williams County Sheriff’s Office for the month of May 2020;  Power of Attorney regarding the Ambulance from Hicksville Auto Recyclers;  Dog Warden Report for the week of April 6- April 12, 2020
  • Approved minutes for April 9, 2020 and Bills as submitted by the Auditor

At the 10 a.m. session, Ditch Hearing #740 petitioned by Marvin Dietsch Preliminary Hearing was held with WC Engineer Todd Roth and Brian Fritsch explaining details. The viewing was held on April 2, 2020 and Fritsch read their recommendation concerning it. Due to some issues with the ditch that would cost approximately $29,000 for the county to repair, they recommended “the Williams County Commissioners either request that the petitioner correct the side slope issues prior to acceptance into permanent county maintenance, or that this be approved to a final hearing approved to a final hearing and the initial construction costs be spread out throughout the watershed the same as any new construction project.”

Roth agreed that they are suggesting that the owner be given the opportunity to get it up to standards that would normally be accepted. As Mr. Dietsch was not present on the call, the commissioners decided to let it continue for sixty days to give Fritsch the opportunity to discuss with the petitioner what he wants to do.

With no further needs to be addressed, the meeting adjourned at 10:15.

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