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Williams County Commissioners Hear Of End Of Agreement From Hillside Director

Editor’s Note: The original headline for this article included the word “resignation”.  The Village Reporter received calls on November 11th from Commissioner Lew Hilkert and Donna Sprow indicating a dislike for use of the word.  The quotes from the transcript are listed in the article below.

By: Rebecca Miller

During the Monday morning, November 9, 2020 Williams County Commissioner’s meeting, the commissioners came out of an Executive Session, for the purpose of discussion of employment of personnel,  With Action. Commissioner Brian Davis said that there had been a discussion with Donna Sprow four years ago, and they had entered into an agreement for her to be the Director at Hillside Nursing Home.

“She has notified us that we have come to the end of the agreement and that she has some future plans and she has asked us to seek and search for a director. So, in the course of our conversation today, we are authorizing Mr. Hilkert (Commissioner Lew Hilkert) to have conversations with a prior applicant and to discuss with that individual to see what the interest and intent is, in the purpose and hope of seeking Donna’s replacement.”

Commissioner Terry Rummel spoke his thanks for the great Job Mrs. Sprow has done, “especially through this COVID and to date, keeping the COVID out of that facility.”  Commissioner Davis added, “She has been wonderful and graced us to say she will stay until the search is done.”

Commissioner Hilkert said, “I would like to make a comment also in regards to Donna’s tenure as the Director of Hillside. She has done a remarkable job during this Coronavirus issue. Over the past year there have been no flu cases nor Coronavirus cases with any residents there, which is phenomenal. So, thank you Donna, for what you have done there.” He also commended the Hillside staff for all they have done to keep Hillside safe and sanitized.

in regular business, the Commissioners voted to approve:

  • Resolution 331 Supplemental Appropriations on behalf of Williams County Auditor – REA $3094.97 and Department of Aging $420
  • Resolution 332 Appointing Board members to the WC Board of DD. Abigail Wurm (replacing Mark Tipton) and Ben Baldwin (reappointment) said term: January 1, 2021-December 31, 2024
  • Resolution 333 Approving and adoption of the updated WC Department of Job and Family Services Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual in its entirety
  • Resolution 334 In the matter of Single County Ditch #710 petitioned for by Patricia Timmerman and others – directing County Engineer to move project from its continuation status to construction with a cost of not to exceed $400,000 and placing under permanent county maintenance and maintain as part of Pulaski Township Watershed
  • Resolution 335 Rescind Resolution 20-0314
  • Resolution 336 Approving Emergency purchase from Henry Schein, Inc. on behalf of Hillside Country Living for purchase of Moonbeam units (Rummel clarified that these are for disinfecting rooms)
  • Resolution 337 Entering into a Sub-recipient Agreement for CARES Act funds from Jefferson Township (they expressed a big thanks to Jefferson for sharing this money that will be used for offsetting the cost of the EMS)
  • Also signed Program Year 2020 Notification of Grant Award on behalf of Area Office on Aging;  Letters to Ability Center, Cancer Assistance, Dept. of Aging and WEDCO for East Annex Lease Renewal
  • Minutes for November 5, 2020, and payment of bills

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Source: The Village Reporter

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