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WWII German Style Grenade Found In Bryan

By: Jacob Kessler

According to WTOL in Toledo, police were called to a home on Dorothy Drive in Bryan after finding a WWII era grenade.

The explosive was reportedly found when family members were cleaning out a recently deceased relatives home.

Items found included a display of WWII era objects, including a German stick hand grenade (stielhandgranate) and a small artillery shell.

The family contacted the Bryan Police Department who then reportedly contacted the Northwest Ohio Bomb Squad.

The items were collected and secured by police to be disposed of later.

A recent uptick in explosives being found has taken place in Northwest Ohio. Items, including grenades, have been found as recently as early May in Hancock County, around the intersection of State Route 235 and Trail 93.

That grenade was thought to be a type MK 2 grenade which was used during WWII and the Korean War.

Other incidents include a grenade found in a vehicle in Springfield Township in April, and another grenade found in a WWII veterans’ home in Toledo back in June of 2022.

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